A successful giveaway is something which your customers find useful, which looks good and which will promote your brand in a positive light. Metal is an often overlooked material for giveaways but it gives promotional items a sleek look and is a unique way to promote your brand to customers.


Metal giveaways can have branding incorporated into them providing a seamless finish which means they are ideal corporate gifts. Metal items such as clocks and calculators make stylish gifts for customers – something to bear in mind with the festive season approaching. For mass produced metal promotional items, die casting is used to cast the corporate branding on the metal during the manufacturing process which gives products and the branding on them a smart, uniform finish. Colour can also be incorporated into metal items so your full company branding can be reflected in the design.


Pens and key rings are what comes to mind when most people think of promotional giveaways made of metal but there is a huge range of other products available. Metal can be used to make everything from mini travel speakers to paper trays to mobile phone holders. Golf giveaways in particular work well in metal and can include golf ball markers, water bottles and golf forks which can be finished in your company’s branding and are ideal for corporate golf days.

Lasting impression

Metal business cards are a unique way to ensure your customers remember you and metal cards will last far longer than business cards made out of paper. Metal cards can also be styled into unique shapes such as dog tags, razor blades or miniature tools. If you prefer the look of traditional business cards then you could always opt for a metallic finish with foil printing for a contemporary look and store them in a metal business card holder to ensure they stay pristine. You could even go one step further and give customers metal coins or even miniature bullion bars with your contact details on them!