Halloween is becoming increasingly popular, with many Brits investing their hard earned cash in Halloween merchandise, sweets, chocolates, themed costumes and decorations.  Although it won’t be quite the same this year with Covid-19 putting a halt to most trick or treating, having an occasion like Halloween to look forward to is very much needed to keep spirits lifted! For many businesses in the UK, Halloween has become a massive pre-Christmas boost. It’s not just the retail and hospitality industries that are now utilising seasonal marketing, all sorts of companies are realising the power of the 31st October. With £419 million being spent on Halloween in the UK, astute businesses should look to making the most of this worldwide holiday

We have put together some of the best Halloween branded merchandise campaigns to spark some ideas!

Guinness Halloween Shadows

Guinness commissioned these scary branded coasters and branded glasses to be made in order to promote their drink and brand on Halloween. Cleverly designed in the shape of scary shadows of the Guinness glasses, for every drink bought, customers received a free coaster to put their drink on. A low cost promotion with a fang-tastic effect!

Topshop Stranger Things Merchandise

Topshop collaborated with Netflix to create an in store Halloween event in the style of the ‘Stranger Things’ programme. Using set designs to mirror scenes from the show, they also had a collection of Stranger Things merchandise for customers to purchase including branded lunch boxes, rucksacks, card and board games, promotional t-shirts, jumpers and caps.

Stranger Things Lunch Box

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Squares Freebies

With branded vending machines, Kellogg’s enticed passers by with free Rice Krispies Squares. Any one who was brave enough to get a freebie was grabbed by a person hiding in the machine! The reactions were recorded and become widely shared on social media platforms making it a huge success.

Disney Halloween Merchandise

No one does merchandise like Disney. Each year they embrace the spooky season with a large range of Halloween branded merchandise including clothing, accessories, costumes, mugs, notebooks, pens and toys.

Disney Halloween Merchandise

3 Ways to Bring Your Brand to Life at Halloween

1. Trick or Treat

Why not utilise social media to carry out a trick or treat competition?! One of the most receptive ways to engage with social media users is of course by offering them something for free. Branded prizes are a fantastic way to offer an incentive for prospective clients to enter your competition, engage with you whilst promoting your brand well after the competition is over. What would you offer as a ‘trick’ or ‘treat’ prize?!

Branded Halloween Sweets and Chocolate

2. Infectious Images

The most long lasting memory is an image and the added bonus of Halloween is that people love to dress up and show off their scary side. As a business you could encourage customers to send in pictures or videos of themselves in their most creative Halloween costume, offering a branded prize to the best dressed. If you promoted the campaign on social media, by including a clever hashtag, not only will you engage with your target market, you may even start trending!

3. Back To Reality

With Christmas being so soon to follow, Halloween is a perfect opportunity to begin your Christmas marketing strategy. Adding subtle information to what customers can expect from not only Christmas, but any future marketing plans will be welcomed. A successful Halloween marketing strategy can be a great boost for your brands future holiday plans.

Seasonal events such as Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas and Easter are all another opportunity to catch your target markets attention and engage with them. By offering prize giveaways which reflect the event and your brand, you are in a great position to be remembered and ultimately add to that sales target!

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