What is #Veganuary?

Veganuary is a non-profit organisation established in 2014 by vegan and animal-rights advocates, Matthew Glover and Jane Land. The movement was set up to convince people worldwide to try a vegan, plant-based diet for the 31 days of January. This in turn promotes better health as well as helping to protect the environment and prevent animal suffering. Each year, the number of people taking the #veganuary challenge continues to increase, and in January 2021 reached 500,000 (not including those who didn’t formally sign up).

Veganuary - Vegan Protest

Why Incorporate The Challenge Into Your Marketing?

Greggs launched their Vegan sausage roll, KFC have a Vegan burger. McDonalds have their McPlant burger and Burger King introduced their Vegan Royale earlier this year. In fact, the number of Vegan products available (not just food-based) have become more widespread and accessible, making them more affordable. The timing of the challenge is also apt for the large proportion of people with new years resolutions to be more healthy.

Coupled with COP26 and environmental concerns worldwide, it is highly likely that even more people will look to do their bit and embrace Veganuary and a vegan lifestyle in 2022.

Aligning your marketing with the Veganuary social movement can help you to gain brand exposure.  You could even choose to launch new products or services, send your target market a Vegan-friendly business gift, or simply share vegan content.  Simply by incorporating the #veganuary hashtag and tagging @Veganuary/@WeAreVeganuary you can broaden your target market in an inexpensive, non-time consuming way.

By demonstrating that your company genuinely cares about protecting the planet and a healthy lifestyle, it will help to build trust and nurture new and current leads. It may also encourage brand advocacy and attract new employees as well as retain current staff.

We supply eco-friendly promotional products here.

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Vegan-friendly Business Gifts

A simple, low cost way to fly the flag for Veganism in your marketing is through the use of vegan eco-friendly branded gifts. Whether you choose a food or drink based treat or items made from plant-based materials, you can be happy in the knowledge that you are supporting an environmentally friendly marketing message. Below you can find some of our top Vegan business gift choices:

Vegan Confectionery

There has been a massive increase in the number of Vegan-specific promotional sweets, chocolates and biscuits requested.  By choosing Vegan confectionery, you are being inclusive and won’t have to worry about someone not being able to enjoy the product or being put off by it.

Vegan Chocolate Bars

Many of our branded chocolate bars are now also available with Vegan chocolate. The Cocoa beans are responsibly sourced from The Cocoa Horizon Foundation adding credibility to your purchase. You can even include a winning golden ticket into each box of chocolate bars you order – great for giving out at an event or exhibition or as part of a goodie bag.

Vegan Biscuits & Cupcakes

As well as sweets and chocolate, we can now supply you with freshly baked Vegan branded biscuits and cupcakes. Choose between shortbread, ginger nuts and gingerbread biscuits – all with a full-colour edible logo and wrapped in eco film. Our Vegan cupcakes are baked with Gluten Free flour too – meaning you are able to include even more people!

Vegan Eco-Friendly Sweets

Skittles, fruit shapes and teddies are all popular vegan sweet options and can be presented in a range of sustainable and eco-friendly packaging.

Vegan Leather

It’s not just confectionery and food that can be Vegan. Make a stance and select a Vegan-friendly leather branded gift. Instead of a classic leather bound notebook or diary, you can now select one with Vegan leather. Pair this with FCS paper to produce an exclusive product that reflects your companies values. Along with notebooks and diaries, we have a range of travel accessories – luggage tags, passport and credit card cases made with Vegan leather.

Vegan Branded Notebook

Eco-friendly Clothing

A large driver to become a Vegan and live as a Vegan is to help to protect our environment. By selecting eco-friendly, sustainable clothing for your company, you can actively help the cause. From recycled polyester, to organic and fair trade cotton, there is a huge collection of eco-friendly garments to choose from.

Eco Friendly Jacket

Plant-based Materials

The demand for eco-friendly branded gifts has driven a development and use of alternative plant-based materials. Cork, Bamboo, Limestone and Wheat Straw are all now part of the promotional gift offering and these items can be branded with your logo and call to action.Wheatstraw powerbank

So if you are considering incorporating #veganuary into your marketing next January, Contact the team for more information on Vegan-friendly branded gifts.

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Please note this blog has been updated from original post in January 2020.