Press Release:

A city centre office found a sweet way of raising money for Sheffield Children’s Hospital.  

Staff went door to door selling Thornton’s chocolates to neighbouring businesses.  The team from Steel City Marketing on New Street in the Cathedral Quarter raised £347.20 for The Children’s Hospital Charity in just a couple of hours.

Charity Chocs sm

Jenni Burton and Sam Dillingham

“It seems no one can resist chocolate,” said Steel City marketing executive Jenni Burton (pictured above, with colleague Sam Dillingham). “We would like to thank businesses who generously donated to the cause, including A&N Care Solicitors, North Church Business Centre, Hodgson & Oldfield, Omnia Office, G2G3 Digital, People Plus, Hamlin Knight Recruitment and the network group Minds of Many.”

Charity chocs 2 sm

Jenni Burton, Sam Dillingham and Debbie Hardy