There are thousands of business gift ideas that work well and do all the talking they need to do on their own. For most promotional items packaging is not needed, it adds frills where no frills are required and would usually be thrown away immediately anyway. However, packaging does add value to a certain type of product and this can be a very noticeable addition to an already well-received gift. Certain products immediately spring to mind – such as wine gift sets where packaging not only provides protection, but also as something to keep the individual items together. Confectionery often comes well packaged, showing off the product, or increasing the mouth-watering anticipation of what is inside! Most Executive Pens have always been supplied in gift boxing. A Parker, Waterman or Cross pen would be the same pen without, but the packaging adds even more perceived value to an already very expensive business gift.  Pens such as the Waterman Hemisphere come in leather look hinged boxes with the Waterman motif foil blocked to the top. Parker Jotter ballpens come in simple two-part Parker branded boxes, still adding value. Some promotional pens don’t come boxed or individually packaged as standard but have options for an additional cost. Prodir have 2 packaging types for their pen range and certain executive pens can be supplied with a decent box or just a simple gift tube. The USB Flashdrive is a product range that has really benefited from how packaging can affect the perceived value of the product. Although prices have traditionally fallen and this is now more of a commodity item now than a high end gift, packaging is not standard until you go into the high memory drives for example. A bulk supplied flashdrive is a well received gift, there is no doubt, but paying a little extra and receiving a magnetic clip close box or even one of the gift tins, really takes away the general business gift feel and can make a lower memory drive feel more like the executive business gift it used to be. Packaging is sometimes forgotten when looking at Promotional Gifts, but it is an area that with a little thought and the use of the knowledge of the SCM sales team, can make all the difference to your next business gift purchase. ]]>