Corporate branded gift kits that can be hand-picked with branded items to suit a companies branding and budget are fast becoming the latest trend in the branded merchandise world. Christmas is just around the corner and with many marketers and office workers having to work from home this year, a pre-made, corporate branded gift kit is an easy, time saving way to show your appreciation. With 70% of consumers thinking better of brands that send mail¹, by sending a branded gift, whether a kit or a one off item, you will ensure that you will engage and deliver a trusted message of thanks. The added benefit of many of our branded gift kits being able to be sent sent directly to your team of customers home addresses makes them all that bit more desirable. See below a selection of our best corporate branded gift kits from our various trusted suppliers.

Premium Corporate Gift Pack

Working From Home Corporate Branded Gift Kits

Working from home has almost become a ‘norm’ for many office workers and most of our information is now consumed digitally. One way to surprise and delight both your colleagues and customers is with an unexpected gift through the letterbox. Something tangible that makes them step away from their desk and truly connect with your brand. Interestingly, the Royal Mail has recently reported findings that direct mail has seen a resurgence during lockdown, with 96% of consumers engaging with all mail they received.²

There are many options of branded gifts to include in a letterbox friendly gift kit. Useful desktop branded items, eco-friendly stationery, and branded gadgets have all been popular choices, helping to make working from home that bit easier. We even have a ‘Virtual Brew’ postal pack to make virtual team get togethers or events that little bit more special. All of these branded kits are available in different sizes, with varying numbers of branded gifts inside.

Back To Work Branded Packs

With the second lockdown in the UK shortly coming to an end, you may be considering or starting to plan for a return to the workplace. Do you remember the delight at choosing a shiny new pencil case with sharpened pencils, rubbers, sharpeners and fresh pens ready for a new academic year? What better way to make your team feel excited and happy to be back in the workplace than a ‘Back to Work’ bespoke corporate branded gift pack!

You could include items in your pack that your team may have run out of whilst working from home – like stationery. Additional branded pens, highlighters, notebooks and desk pads to name a few ideas. Or perhaps you could choose gifts that help to make your staff feel comfortable to be back to work like branded face masks, hand sanitisers and personalised drink-ware.

Christmas Corporate Branded Gift Kits

The physical office Christmas party may be cancelled, but many businesses are looking to either host a virtual event or want to offer their thanks with a gift or reward. Branded gifts can work for either option, and our Christmas corporate branded gift kits are the ideal way to lift spirits and raise morale with both team mates and customers. See below a selection of standard gift kits to choose from, or you can select your own branded items.

Winter Gift Kits

One way to brighten up your customers or colleagues day as winter approaches is with a branded winter gift kit. With useful items such as a branded ice scraper, travel mug, engraved torch and smart embroidered gloves, everything they need is all in one handy, thoughtful pack! We also have a smaller, letterbox friendly option specifically for car users. As well as an ice scraper, the winter car pack includes tyre gauge and vent scent.

Winter Branded Mail Kit

Confectionery Corporate Branded Gift Kits

Who can resist something tasty and sweet – especially as we head into the winter months?! We can supply you with a huge range of quality, festive confectionery with brandable, bespoke packaging. Below is just a taste of what is achievable. For letterbox friendly branded cakes, brownies, donuts and cupcakes – see our previous blog here.

Whether your team and customers are in the office or planning a move back, working from home or even furloughed, bespoke corporate branded gift kits are an easy but effective way to raise morale and show your appreciation and engage in a genuine way.

With so many options to chose from, you could understandably not know quite where to start with building your own bespoke branded kit. That’s where we come in. We are an experienced team who love to put forward ideas and branded merchandise solutions to our customers. We are working daily with these types of products with all sorts of different companies and brands. So why not get in touch today for a chat and we can provide you with FREE product visuals and price quotes.

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