Personalised advent calendars are about as seasonal as it gets in the promotional gift industry. They provide a constant brand reminder during the month of December in a very cost effective way. Depending on your target audience, the cost per impression (the measure of how many people have been exposed to your brand) can be incredibly low. Due to consumer demand, the peak time for personalised advent calendar orders is the month of October. This is due to the 4-week lead-time, regardless of quantity. Working this back, if you want your client to have their calendar by 1st December, the end of October is the limit.

There are a couple of personalised advent calendar options to choose from. Most people lean towards the A4 sized version, the one that would relate most closely to the ones seen throughout November in supermarkets! There are however smaller A5 advent calendars and these can be portrait or landscape. This does clearly have a more corporate appeal as it would be easier to send out to clients at a lower mailing cost and would sit neatly in and around the recipients desktop, which is usually a fairly busy place! Each option is chocolate filled and this can be Fairtrade if specified.

Branding is without doubt the single most important factor when planning your personalised advent calendars. Although the “all over box printing” on the A5 and the A4 Advent Calendars will provide the end product with the most impact, it may not always be possible to put together an elaborate design (with branding, messages and imagery).  This may be due to either time constraints or a lack of decent images. If these are your restrictions, you can still consider the A5 desktop version with a generic Christmas design. This has a decent print area that can either be litho or foil blocked in one colour. In other words if personalised advent calendars is a priority client gift, there are solutions to making this work for you and wont necessarily require you to fully brand the outer box.

Given the branding choices of the personalised advent calendars, you may still be undecided about how your final design could look. Our in house studio can help set the final template for the fully branded calendars, to help put in place your ideal design and take the hassle out of this process. You can then be pleased that your advent calendar has a retail look and appeal.

Should you be looking to produce a promotional item at this time of year, something with high impact and that can give excellent brand recognition for a good period of time, personalised advent calendars could well be the perfect item for you.

For prices, ideas and discussions on how best to move your personalised advent calendars into production and ready for the first day of advent, call one of the sales team now!