We know the importance of brand image here at Steel City: there are so many benefits of having a unified company identity – not only to increase and reinforce brand recognition with clients, but also to enhance culture and values within the team.

Branded Clothing Steel City

Team Branded Clothing:

  • Increases and reinforces brand exposure
  • Creates a professional perception of the brand and company
  • Builds a sense of pride, camaraderie and equality in the work force

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Emotional Branding and Tone

What we wear can have a massive impact on the way we feel as well as how others perceive us. So it was key for us to choose the branded clothing collectively as a team as we wanted a look everyone was happy with and would feel comfortable in, both inside and outside working hours. Once we had a collection of clothing, each member of the Steel City team were then able to select their own personal preference.

To add to the pride felt in our branded clothing, the whole team was challenged to reach a particular turnover and in return would receive the reward of their selected item of branded clothing.

Clothing Selection

Being experts in advising and suggesting ideas to our clients on how to reflect companies’ brands, and having an extensive knowledge of the branded clothing options in the market, we knew exactly what we were looking for: high quality, colours that both reflected our branding and relaxed, trend-driven styling.

We wanted more of a retail, fashionable look for our branded clothing – to tie in with the team feeling comfortable as well as to create the right perception of the Steel City brand. To do this, we opted for a quality and stylish brand – Tee Jays, to be the primary supplier of our clothing. Items chosen included the Luxury Stretch Long Sleeve Polo, the Performance Hoodie and Fashion Full Zip Hoodie. All of which are trend-led styles, made from good quality materials and have a tailored fit.

Performance Hoodie Steel City

Keeping warm during the winter months was also a priority for the team in order to feel comfortable. The Brushed Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt was also selected including the all-important kangaroo pocket to snuggle in to. To accompany the hoodies and polos, the team also chose classic brand Fruit of the Loom for a range of stretch, fine knit gauge t-shirts.

Logo and Icon Positioning

The majority of the clothes are branded simply with our Steel City icon, instead of the full name and logo, embroidered to the left hand chest. This was a conscious decision made to make clothing both more wearable away from the office for the team, and to create a strong talking point for others to ask – ‘What make is that?’

Steel City Branded Hoodies 2021

The Performance Hoodie is made from 100% un-brushed polyester, and so a metallic grey logo was printed on the left hand shoulder to complement the material.

Colour Selection

Colour-wise, subtle, wearable shades were selected. They included black, navy, grey and heather. Even though the shades aren’t necessarily in our brand guidelines, we decided the colours suited the branding and were shades the team felt good wearing. We were really pleased with how the colours worked so well with our branding – even down to the zip trims and linings.

Packaging Options

The way the branded clothing is packaged is also something to consider, particularly if you are gifting the garment to a colleague or customer working in a different location. The packaging is the first impression of your brand. Why go to all the hassle of creating the perfect branded garment, to be let down by the way it is presented. To create consistency with our branding and to grab attention and curiosity, we used recyclable metallic orange jiffy bags. There is the option of using plain packaging with branded stickers right up to full colour wraparound printed boxes.

If you are planning to add branded clothing to your marketing strategy, or are in need of a refresh, please get in touch with the team and we will happily guide you through some relevant, creative options.