Message from Managing Director James Biggin:

The Team and I at Steel City would like to inform and reassure you all about our plans for “work continuation” during this difficult and unprecedented time.

First and foremost, the well-being of our staff, customers and suppliers is paramount. At present we are following government guidelines and, in some cases, where there is some degree of vulnerability, we are taking additional precautionary measures.

We are planned and prepared in the best way we can to continue to provide you with the service levels you expect during what is clearly a difficult time.

As a team we have been working to ensure we have uninterrupted business hours and continuity.  To reassure you, we essentially can fully function with access to phones and PC’s. Along with the support of our considerable trade only supply base (which numbers several hundred along with access to many more beyond that), we are confident in product availability in most cases. Where that is not possible, our knowledgeable team remain on hand to suggest alternative products and ideas to keep your brand in your client’s hands and minds.

Until otherwise legally instructed, the Steel City Office at the Don Press will remain open. We will continually assess this arrangement based on guidelines given. We will remain vigilant with every member of staff that works from the office. This is to ensure they are always not taking unnecessary risks and remain sensible. Continual dialogue will be in place.

We have also put in place a solid working from home plan that can come into effect from today and expect several staff to take this up immediately. We will likely then phase this in to reduce office staff numbers. The entire team can therefore all operate remotely with almost no interruption.

We have been using a number of “apps” and tech solutions that have helped our communication channels for some time. We will reap the benefits of these even more now. These include Trello, Workplace by Facebook and of course WhatsApp. We will likely add in Zoom / too. If anyone wants to use these in their business but hasn’t before, please drop me a line. I would be more than happy to help and explain how we have been using these.

Our members of staff will be using their personal mobiles if they are working away from the office. This has been fully agreed internally but we would politely ask that numbers are not added to databases for any purpose! These are NOT work phones.

Staff are fully behind the plans we have in place and are taking on the challenges we face with the positivity I would have always expected.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us here.