woman with mask on public transport

With lockdown measures easing, it will be necessary for a growing number of people to travel on buses, trams and trains. So from the 15th June, the UK government has made face coverings mandatory on public transport. 

Whether you are already working from your workplace, preparing to or still working from home, face coverings are set to play a big part in our lives. Whilst the medical grade masks are to be reserved for health and care workers, there are many face covering options available. You may be a dab hand at sewing and can make your own mask, which is great! But have you thought about your staff, clients and suppliers you work with? By gifting them with a branded face covering with your corporate branding, message or styling, you will be showing your appreciation and support to those key people. If you are unsure as to where to start, we are able to talk you through the different types of face coverings available and which may suit your budget. Here are just a few branded face covering options we can supply you:
A branded face covering is a new way to get your marketing message out there…What about giving out your branded face coverings in public transport hubs – maybe a tube, train or bus station?!  It could be a great tactic to spread your brand to the local community and create a good PR story.

We can organise and supply branded face coverings for you, your team and clients. Please get in touch with our friendly team on 0114275 4150 or email us.