Virtual Conferences, Events and Exhibitions

If you are an event organiser, event co-ordinator or an exhibitor, it is more than likely that you have had to completely change your event strategy this year.  Conferences, exhibitions and events are all a staple when it comes to the marketeers calendar. And so you may have had to think of alternative ways to promote your brand, connect with your target audience and share knowledge. A logical option for many is to host or take part in a virtual or hybrid conference or event. Here are several virtual marketing events on our radar from 2020:

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Why go Virtual?

A major advantage of an event being virtual is that any one can attend, no matter what their geographical location. This goes for speakers too – meaning high profile presenters from all over the world can deliver valuable insights and entice people to attend. Virtual events are often recorded and so can be accessed at a later date. They also cut out travel time and expenses and are in general a lot cheaper than a physical event. However, the bottom line from any event is gaining a ROI from your investment. One obstacle with a virtual event is that it is easy for delegates to sign off or leave without engaging with the exhibitors – it is quite difficult to get a conversation started and develop business relationships.

Virtual Event Conference

How do you replicate the face to face personal connection?

One tactic which could drive engagement with virtual event attendees is to send them personalised conference swag a.k.a. branded merchandise, promotional giveaways and corporate gifts to name a few! It is human instinct to want to thank some one who gives them a gift.  Corporate gifts associated with your virtual event will create a more human touchpoint that will help to kickstart a genuine conversation. You could even offer branded prizes and giveaways as incentives to participate, to get in touch with you or as a thank you. By choosing branded conference merchandise which is useful and is aligned with your marketing message, it is highly likely the receiver will remember your brand and keep the item for a long time after the event itself. You may want to still send out branded lanyards, to give people that authentic conference feel.

Best Conference Swag for Virtual Events

When you go to a conference, what do you need to hand – usually a pen, notepad and a drink. All of which can be easily sent out to attendees of a virtual event too! With your delegates typically being seated at a desk, you could also think about items like a branded tablet stands, USB’s, branded cables, headphones and webcam covers. We have a huge range of conference swag which will excite your delegates about attending your virtual event.

Virtual Award ceremonies

As well virtual conferences, you may be organising a virtual award ceremony or hosting one for your staff. A highlight of the year, the glitz and glam of an award ceremony is hard to replicate virtually. By sending branded goodies to attendees to enjoy during the event, it will make the occasion that bit more enjoyable. Plus, any gifts received are likely to get photographed and shared on your social media channels! Branded items like popcorn, sweets, bottles of bubbly, glassware and promotional games and puzzles could all make your virtual award ceremony go off with a bang! And don’t forget to present the winners with a branded award!

Virtual Christmas Parties

Let’s not forget the top occasion of the year for most employees – the team Christmas party! It is likely that many companies are planning for a virtual Christmas event this year. Whether you are planning a quiz, a game or a virtual meal, festive branded gifts are likely to help lift the spirits! You could look to send your team Santa hats, Christmas crackers, branded glassware, bottles of wine or beer, selfie sticks and even a countdown to the event with an advent calendar.

Need help to spark ideas for your virtual event?

That’s where we can help. We have years and years of experience here at Steel City Marketing and would love to help your brand get the attention it deserves. Please get in touch with us by email or call 0114 275 4150 and we will provide advice, ideas, visuals and quotes.

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