When looking at purchasing a promotional giveaway item, you want something that you know will make an immediate impact with the recipient, an item that they will put to use straight away and that will promote your message effectively. The Snafooz puzzle is an ideal cheap promotional item that does just that. So what is a Snafooz puzzle? Supplied as a flat packed foam item and therefore great as a direct mail product, there are 6 puzzle pieces held together in a foam frame. The aim of the Snafooz puzzle is to create a 3 dimensional cube from the pieces. This is a tricky little teaser that will test the user and there are 6 skill levels to choose from, denoted by the colour of the foam. Branding on the Snafooz puzzle allows maximum promotional impact of this little game. Each piece has a print position to the face, allowing your logo or message to be seen on all sides of the finished cube. Printing can now be done in full colour process onto the white Snafooz puzzle. Once assembled the Snafooz puzzle is 38 x 38mm. There are also 2 larger sizes (a medium 52mm and a large 75mm cube size) that shouldn’t be overlooked. Should you be interested in a low value, high impact cheap promotional item such as the Snafooz puzzle, the contact a member of the Steel City Marketing sales team on 0114 2754150 to discuss pricing and arrange samples if required.]]>