Engaging the target audience with a promotional giveaway item is one of the challenges we find marketers coming up against continually. Promotional puzzle coasters are an ideal product to consider in terms of providing great branding, being a tactile and useful item and also drawing the recipient in to have a “play” with the jigsaw pieces. Promotional Puzzle Coasters are sometimes referred to as gnalvic coasters due to the 3mm flexible plastic material they are produced in. They are a very tactile promotional giveaway. The original puzzle coasters in this range came simply as round or square, but as their popularity grew, so did the need to expand the range. The jigsaw coasters were created to provide a functional desktop product, but with a little twist of fun. Now one of the best selling in this range, the promotional puzzle coasters are available in 4 different shapes: round, square, octagonal or barrel shaped. All these products are sub surfaced printed and this can be done in up to full colour process, providing great branding opportunities. Due to the non-slip nature of the promotional puzzle coasters, it is not recommended to print to the reverse, but this can be done if absolutely required.  Each puzzle coaster is supplied individually cello bagged. Promotional puzzle coasters fit the bill for most types of marketing campaigns where a cheap promotional giveaway is being considered. They are ideal for direct mail campaigns, event or exhibition giveaways, staff incentives and of course a promotional gift for a client base. Even though the 4 piece promotional puzzle coasters are the best selling in the range, there is also a 16 piece as well as a 4 piece combi coaster, where each coaster can form 2 different shapes. Selecting the combi coasters to be packed in sets of 2 allows each set to form 6 different shapes. Promotional Coasters are a great functional and low cost giveaway item, and promotional puzzle coasters give the recipient that something different which can often be the key to ensuring it is kept and used to ensure your branding is in view.  Contact a member of the sales team for prices, samples and visuals.]]>