ice scraper has been put to good use! [caption id="attachment_540" align="alignnone" width="250" caption="Billboard Ice Scraper"]Billboard Ice Scraper[/caption] Although a seasonal item, and possibly something that is overlooked when a promotional gifts wish list is put together, the ice scraper is an incredibly reliable and well received giveaway item that usually meets the added bonus of being well within most budgets. This is a product that were it not given as a gift would most likely be bought – so as an item that is essentially “needed” – it is a very good business gift to consider. There are a few styles, even a very handy ice scraper keyring, which adds a little bit of variation. Most will have a one or more print areas of good size. Like Tax Disc Holders and Car Air Fresheners, they are used and have a good lifespan and have that subtle reminder of your brand, product or service due to the occasional use but ultimate necessity to do a specific job for you! Quite a few of these are now available as recycled ice scrapers. This shows not only the popularity of the product, but the Eco angle is something that is driving a great many promotions these days and this fact alone can be highlighted about this product. Should this or any other low budget, high volume promotional gift be of interest, please contact a member of the sales team who will be more than happy to quote you competitive prices and look to achieve whatever lead time you are up against. ]]>