Some may say the ultimate premium business gift in the UK has got to be the umbrella, do you agree?!With rain pretty much guaranteed all year round in the UK, we think it is a great choice for a promotional business gift. We wrote a blog in summer about umbrellas – that says it all!

When looking at branded umbrellas as part of your marketing campaign, it may seem like a big chunk out of your budget at first, but they should bring you a serious return for your money and here is why…

When you look at the cost per impression, a promotional umbrella is actually great value for money and will be considered as a premium, high value gift.  Just think if you were to present a quality umbrella to your client with your brand and message printed across the canopy what kind of reaction you would get?!

There are so many options when it comes to getting creative with umbrellas – the size, the way they are printed, the weight, the different frames and handles not to mention additional features like reflective print, eco-friendly materials and umbrellas that light up!

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