Pop Up Reusable VaseThe pop up reusable vase is an innovative promotional item that allows you to say “it” with more than just flowers! This is a clear plastic portable vase that can be used over and over again and is unbreakable.

The interest in this brand new item has been incredible as it allows you to consider a branded item that can be given out to encourage the buying of flowers or indeed to compliment the gift of giving flowers. The pop up reusable vase has so many applications.

The pop up vase is supplied flat, which allows it to be considered seriously as a fantastic direct mail piece. It has a great print area, and although this promotional item can only be printed in one colour, you can print a different message to both sides at an extra cost.

In order to use the pop up reusable vase, all the recipient has to do is (video below shows this in action):
· Fill with warm water, in order to shape the vase and then,
· Refill with cold water to set that shape.
· It is then instantly ready to take the flowers and like with any other, it will keep flowers alive for days.

As soon as the user wants to store away the pop up vase:
· Simply fill with warm water,
· Then flatten and smooth.

In order to assist your clients, there is no reason why you shouldn’t insert a simple printed instruction sheet highlighting the “how to use” instructions listed above.

There are three products in this “reusable family”. There are two sizes of pop up vases as well as a larger vessel that can be used as a wine bottle or drinks cooler / carrier. All are made from the same “unbreakable” pvc and function in the same way to mould, shape and reuse. Each of the products comes with either a red, green, blue or yellow trim.

There is simply no restriction as to what the pop up reusable vase can be used for in your marketing campaign. It is perfect for direct mail as stated above. It is a brilliant promotional item to consider for an event giveaway. It certainly has a great application in the office, home, restaurants, cafes, hotels, hospitals, travelling (such as caravans) and obviously florists. A key consideration is that if flowers are put anywhere where a smashing vase could be a big hazard (children, elderly), the pop up reusable vase is a perfect solution.

Finally the price point of the pop up reusable vase is a huge factor to consider. The unit cost for 250 is just £1.50. The cost per impression is so incredibly low when taking into account this is a vase that will be used over and over again for a great many years. Samples of this product are available and our studio would happily mock up a visual if you send your artwork to your sales account manager.