Are you looking to wow your customers or staff with a gift that oozes quality and splendour? Now more than ever, higher value, luxury corporate gifts that are useful and won’t end up in landfill are being used as a popular marketing tool to attract and retain loyal clients and employees.

Luxury Corporate Gift Sets

Don’t have the marketing spend?

Premium promotional products don’t always mean high level spending. You may have a limited marketing spend and simply write off luxury corporate gifts as out of reach. However, for many people, if a product is useful, one they need or one they desire, it will have a high perceived value. Allowing for a large number of promotional products to fall into a more high end bracket.

Intrigued? There are many areas of business gifts and merchandise that should be considered when looking at something more luxurious. Scroll down to view a selection of our top luxe business gift ideas to consider.

Our Top Premium Corporate Gift Ideas

1. Umbrellas

A great example of a highly perceived luxury item would be a good quality branded umbrella. With the amount of rainfall we receive in the UK, most people would purchase an umbrella if it were not given, it will almost certainly be used and with the right branding, would be a welcomed and cherished business gift.

Although buying a quantity of corporate umbrellas may seem like a large expenditure at first, they actually have a low cost per impression. Just think how many times an umbrella is used, allowing your business logo and messaging to be seen. Over the lifetime of the product, you will gain a huge level of exposure and brand recognition, making it a really worthwhile investment.

Why choose a promotional umbrella?

  • Mass outreach at a low cost
  • Increased brand recognition
  • Powerful marketing platform
  • Tactile with long lifespan
  • Variety of sizes and print options available

Corporate Umbrellas

2. Bags and Luggage

Bags are another great luxury corporate idea, being one of the most widely purchased and used branded items. There is no doubt they are useful, and by choosing a good quality and durable bag, your customer or team member will keep and re-use it for a long time. By choosing a reusable bag, you can also align your brand with sustainability.

From travel bags for the weekend or trips away, to backpacks and laptop bags, there is a style to suit your target market. If you want to exude prestige, you can also opt for brand name bags such as Thule and Case Logic.

Branded Bags

3. Pens 

Branded pens are without doubt the go-to business gift. By investing in a premium pen or pen set, you will make a lasting impression on your client or employee. There are various executive pens and sets to choose from to suit all types of budgets.

As with brand name bags, if you have the budget, you can also go to town with luxe pens from the likes of Waterman, Sheaffer, and Cross to name but a few. They may have large price tags, but will have an even higher perceived value, with much higher retail prices in comparison.

Waterman Embleme Rollerpen

4. Notebooks 

Another traditional premium corporate gift is a luxurious notebook. If your clients or team attend regular meetings, a high quality branded notebook is both useful (a place to jot down their most important notes and plans) and will help to promote your companies brand name and image. Notebooks are also the perfect tool for creativity and can inspire the receiver to get their ideas down on paper. Choose from a massive range of sizes (pocket to A4), colours, finishes, materials (we can even supply notebooks made with stone and recycled car windscreens) and branding methods, not to mention bespoke infill pages, to create the perfect premium promotional notebook.

Moleskine Classic Large Soft Cover Notebook

5. Clothing

A good quality, well designed and made garment or wearable accessory with the right branding on, is a luxury business gift that is both useful and desirable. Whether you send it out as a thank you or incentive gift, use it as a prize in a competition, or to reward and unify your team; clothing certainly is a versatile and highly perceived corporate gift. From a stylish cap or hoodie right up to a brand name jacket or coat, there are so many options, colours, and branding styles to choose from.

Regatta Womens Dover Jacket

6. Tech Gadgets

There is no denying that the majority of us live our lives through digital devices. Being able to access this on a daily basis, when out and about, means good quality promotional tech gadgets are an exceptionally useful luxury gift to consider. Wireless chargers, charging cables, and power banks all fall under this category and are becoming available in a wide variety of more sustainable materials like Wheatstraw, Cork and Bamboo.

Avenue Umbra 10000mAh Wireless Powerbank

7. Headphones and Speakers

Another attractive luxury corporate gift is audio items like headphones and speakers. With music on tap via streaming services, it is more accessible than ever to listen to your favourite tunes. These kind of items will also help to showcase your brands understanding of wellbeing, with music being a great way to relax and unwind. Promotional speakers are also useful for when taking conference calls – whether in the office or when working from home. Limestone Cement & Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker

8. Drinkware

A luxe bottle, travel mug or flask, branded with your name is bound to impress. With an ever-expanding range of styles to choose from with great branding areas to maximise your brand exposure, this is a promotional category not to miss. You can select drinkware that is engraved or printed up to full colour and wrapped all over the item with your artwork. Be more green and choose products that are recycled, recyclable or made from sustainable materials. If you are looking for more traditional drinkware, how about engraved crystal glassware alongside a bottle of their favourite tipple?

Branded Drinkware

9. Golf Items

Are your target market golf mad or are you organising a golf day? Golf balls and accessories from some of the famous brands have a good perceived value for the right audience. Pair with a golf umbrella and you are onto a hole in one!

Golfers Ball, Tee and Divot Tool Gift Box

10. Executive Gifts

Instantly project an image of luxury with executive gifts such as metallic trinket boxes, vanity mirrors, photo frames, cufflinks, hipflasks and business card holders. Engrave with a personal message to let your customer or employee know just how much they mean to you. You can also combine a number of these type of executive items into a gift set to make a bold statement.

Round Vanity Mirror

Presentation of your gifts

If our top ten luxury corporate merchandise ideas have got you thinking, another element to add is how you present them. A nicely presented gift will immediately project a sense of opulence. Many of our premium promotional gifts are supplied in their own packaging. However, if you are choosing several items, you may want to consider a branded gift box. From a simple cardboard box and branded sticker, or if allowances allow, you can opt for a full colour digitally printed box showcasing your brands artwork. Here at Steel City Marketing, we have experience of sourcing and arranging these branded gift boxes and would be happy to guide you through the process.

You can also choose from a number of off-the-shelf corporate promotional packs which include several branded gifts. There are various options to choose from – letterbox friendly gift sets, executive gift sets and themed gift packs.

Branded Corporate Gift Set

Another way to present your luxury items is in a branded bag. Unlike branded boxes that may or may not be kept, bags with your brand on are reusable, and will make sure your brand is gaining exposure for years to come.

Steel City Marketing have a highly experienced business gifts sales team and would be happy to discuss any ideas or products further, providing pricing, visuals and alternatives should you require.  Please contact us now.

Please note this blog has been updated from the original post in 2009.