promotional gifts industry on higher value items, despite the current economic situation. Talking to clients, they are aware of how important retaining the client base is and in certain industries an expensive or luxury corporate gift is still high on the list of tools to use to do this. For a company looking at the spend levels and wondering if they can afford something beyond what they have traditionally spent, it is worth considering that for a great many people, perceived value allows quite a few products to fall into a more luxury high end bracket. The perceived value or an item will be increased by the use or need of a product for the recipient, so this is something that should be focused on. A great example of this type of item would be good quality golf umbrellas. It is certainly an item that would be purchased were it not given and for the better quality items, branded well, these will almost certainly be used and be a cherished gift, high perceived value and will therefore fall into the luxury gift end of the spectrum. Bags and Luggage are another great idea, with weekender bags, trolley bags, going right up to some brand names such as antler luggage, case logic business bags and even the cream of the crop, Mulberry products, which are certainly best to leave unbranded!  These are not necessarily products that are all heavily involved in the promotional gifts market, but call one of the Steel City Marketing team as we have good trade rates with several high end brands. There are many other areas of business gifts and merchandise that should be considered when looking at something more luxurious. There is the ability to spend big on pens with Waterman, Cross and Lamy all having high price tags and higher retail prices in comparison. Watches are becoming a popular gift with some quality models (although not brand named). Golf luggage from some of the famous brands also have a good perceived value and a good choice of silver plated gifts and awards all make for a great choice of something with that little bit extra for the recipient. Steel City Marketing have a highly experienced business gifts sales team and would be happy to discuss any ideas or products further, providing pricing, visuals and alternatives should you require.  Please call 0114 2754150 now.]]>