You may be wondering what this blog is all about with such an eclectic mixture of words in the title…

Well, as many of you know we have recently moved into our new office here in Sheffield city centre.  After a little while settling in, we knew there was something missing…our very own personalised branded mugs! We supply so many of you with branded mugs, we thought it was about time we had our own!

mugs sm 2

Each of the team has chosen their own saying or name that is personal to them. Some are very, shall we say, individual! Head Honcho, Badger Beard and The Cat Lady are just three personalised names selected by the Steel City team.
staircase smcorp mugs











All the mugs have been designed in the style of a Pantone reference colour, mirroring our Pantone staircase which lead up into the office.  This style was chosen to showcase our ability to Pantone match (to suit a company’s logo) many promotional products we supply (plus the fact they are pretty cool too!).  Each mug displays the Steel City branded merchandise logo and our icon on the base of the mug.

We even got some extra mugs designed in the Steel City brand colours for when we have visitors. So when you are next in our office, and you are offered a cup of tea or coffee, check out the mug it is served in!

The question that remains is, can you guess whose mug belongs to who?!

  • The Cat Lady
  • Badger Beard
  • Head Honcho
  • WAWAW!
  • The Nannan Whisperer
  • Yorkshire Blonde
  • Swing Your Hips & Lick Your Lips
  • Wabbits!!
  • Longstanton Spice Museum