Custom branded fidget toys are not just for children – the craze for fidget gadgets has gone viral and they have become more sophisticated, higher quality and even a collectable must have office item! As well as being a fun and playful office toy, branded fidget products can promote a message of wellbeing as by using them, they can relieve stress and tension, alleviate boredom and improve concentration. From promotional fidget spinners, to fidget cubes and fidget bubble poppers – we have a massive range of custom fidget toys available in a huge selection of colours. Like promotional stress balls, Rubik cubes or desk toys, fidget toys branded with your logo make for an addictive, desirable and low cost corporate gift.

Custom Branded Fidget Spinner Toys

Why Invest in a Promotional Fidget Toy?

  • Relieve stress and keep the mind and body relaxed – no more nail biting!
  • Promote focus and concentration – rather than reaching for your mobile phone
  • Increase tactile awareness
  • Good conversation starter – you will find colleagues will flock to you to find out what your gadget is
  • Fidget toys provoke a curiosity – how are they made and how do they work?
  • Fidget toys are great for children and are now being used in schools and are particularly helpful for children with autism or ADHD

Branded Fidget Spinners

Custom Branded Fidget Spinners

If you have tried a fidget spinner, you will know just how addictive they are! The spinning action provides hours of therapeutic fun, and with your branding on, they make for a low cost way to promote your brand time and time again. Custom branded fidget spinners are available in a huge array of styles, materials and stock colours. We can even Pantone match promotional fidget spinners to suit your own brand colours. Add your logo and call to action either centrally, on each arm or all over on both sides, in a 1 colour print right up to a full colour digital print. If you want to add a bit of the wow factor, we can even supply you with a mirrored finish to your fidget spinner. Whether you want an express delivery or a UK custom made branded fidget spinner, we here at Steel City can help.

LED Light Up Promotional Fidget Spinners

If you want an update from the standard custom fidget spinner – this light up version could be just the item! With the addition of 3 plastic LED lights, this LED fidget spinner will grab attention and make your brand stand out. Your logo can be printed up to full colour on both sides of the central circle clip.

Branded LED Fidget Spinner

Custom Branded Fidget Spinners With BT Speaker

Yes you read it right, we can also supply fidget spinners with a built-in Bluetooth speaker! So you can pair up your fidget spinner and play your favourite songs whilst using the fidget toy! Not just a party piece – this promotional toy could be a fun and useful branded gift for those working from home alone. Not only does it play music, but it also features LED flashing lights which light up while spinning. These can be charged via the Micro-USB port, so you don’t have to replace battery.

Branded Fidget Spinner With Speaker Branded Fidget Spinner With Speaker Stock Colours

Branded Pen Fidget Spinners

Another value, multipurpose option are these desktop ball pen, highlighter and ballpen/stylus/torch custom branded fidget spinners. A brilliant talking point at events and tradeshows, these handy giveaways will ensure your brand is on everyone’s lips!

Bottle Opener Fidget Spinners

Add another dimension to your branded fidget spinner with an incorporated bottle opener! A handy item for an after work company event, or a corporate giveaway to promote your brand.

Bottle Opener Fidget Spinner

Branded Charging Fidget Spinner

Another dual purpose fidget spinner – this time including a 3 in 1 charging cables. Whether your device uses a USB, micro USB and Type C cable, these charging fidget spinners will mean your brand is on hand whenever your customer needs to charge up!

Branded 3 in 1 Charger Cable Fidget Spinner

Steel City’s Review on the Fidget Spinner:

“After playing with the fidget spinner for the day, I found it helped to keep my concentration for longer on my work. I can see how it could be really helpful for those who are affected by ADHD. I also liked the soothing effect of flicking the spinner back and forth – a similar feeling to using a worry stone.

The spinners come in a range of colours and styles and can be branded in a number of places. There is a real trend for these at the moment and kids and adults will no doubt be showing them off. Anything designed to help with mental health disorders is a step in the right direction in my book – the more products like this the better.”

Promotional Fidget Cubes

A variation on the fidget spinner are these high quality branded fidget cubes. These fidgety fun gadgets are inspired by worry stones and feature multiple soothing, tactile surfaces including:

  • Clicker and silencer buttons
  • A circular dial
  • A rolling ball and three rotating gears
  • A thumb joy stick
  • A flip switch

Ideal for a number of marketing campaigns, these fidget cubes are proven to improve productivity, release stress and keep hands and minds active.

Steel City’s Review on the Branded Fidget Cube:

“I love this branded toy. I often find myself clicking a pen lid whilst on the phone or at my computer. With the fidget cube I can keep my hands busy and channel my energy in a more productive way! The fidget cube is really versatile with six different actions to keep you entertained. I think these will be a real success in any office or even educational environment and will be a much used branded gift.”

Promotional Fidget Bubble Poppers

Brand new to the promotional industry are these branded popping fidget bubble toys. Just like popping bubble wrap, the pleasurable popping sensation from these fidget products allow for hours of relaxing fun! They can even be used with a colleague or friend in a popping game to see who is the last person to pop the remaining bubble! Available in a number of stock colours, or a rainbow shade or they can even be Pantone® matched (MOQ 500). They can also be made in a bespoke shape like a heart to suit your marketing campaign. Your branding is printed wither along the edge or at the bottom of the popper.  Whether using the fidget bubble popper to help concentration or relieve any unwanted stress or anxiety, your customer won’t want to put these fidget toys down. See the branded fidget bubble popper in action on our You Tube Channel.

Steel City’s Review on the Fidget Popper:

“I really enjoy popping bubble wrap so as soon as this new fidget bubble popper toy was launched, I knew it would be a hit! The toy is really tactile and extremely therapeutic to use whilst working at my desk. I would say it definitely has helped me to focus and stopped me reaching for a snack instead! The fact that it comes in rainbow shades and bespoke shapes is also a plus as it can be tailored to a particular campaign or event – a fun and highly addictive promotional gift!”

If you are interested in a custom branded fidget spinner or toy, please contact the Steel City team either by email or call us on 0114 275 4150.

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