How good is it to roll up to work without a commute, and to literally switch on the computer?!  Let’s not mention having to sit at the kitchen table, the constant reminder of the cleaning to be done or the kids needing that specific toy right NOW!  Jokes aside, working from home definitely has its perks.  But one of the more serious obstacles we have of working from home is not being able to see and communicate with our colleagues and clients face to face.  It has meant video chat software such as Zoom has really come into its own, and is now an essential part of our working day.

You may have seen videos flying around of work team chats gone wrong – people forgetting to turn off their video and taking a visit to the loo…or witnessed others personal items in the background of their screen you may have rather not! It may not seem like a big deal but getting your background right is important on the impression you make to others, be that colleagues or your clients. So we thought it would be handy to compile our best backdrops for video calls or recordings.  A good video backdrop will obscure everyday household mess, transport you into your very own professional setting and make you feel on top form!

1. Pop Up Roller Banners

Roll up banner

Pop up roller banners are easy and quick to put up and can be printed in full colour to really show off your company branding. Whenever you have a video call, just simply pop up and when you have finished, they are easy to pack away. What’s more, branded banners can be kept and used for events and exhibitions in the future.

2. Straight Fabric Backdrop Banners

Straight Fabric Display Backdrop   Straight Fabric Backdrop

These straight fabric backdrop banners will certainly make a good impression! One seamless fabric graphic slides over the entire frame to produce a stunning full colour back wall. The backdrop collapses down into a small carry bag to store. It is digitally printed in full colour with any design – from city landscapes to pictures of beaches, or your corporate branding.  The graphic is printed on a 235gsm stretch fabric which comes double sided as standard, with the option of having a different design on each side.

3. Adjustable Backdrop

Branded Video Backdrop Adjustable backwall

Another good alternative to the pop up banner.  This adjustable backdrop has a telescopic pole which allows you to create any bespoke size graphics. (Up to 2410mm wide by 2435mm high). So you can decide before ordering the best size to fit your home office. It collapses down into a travel case and is digitally printed in full colour with any design.

4. Removable Whiteboard Sticker

Removable Whiteboard Sticker

Anyone a fan of Whiteboard Friday by Moz?! If you are wanting to create your own Moz style video, a removable whiteboard sticker may just do the trick! You can easily apply to any smooth surface and once you’ve finished, just peel off.

5. Presentation Counter

Presentation Counter Presentation Counter 2

If you have products you would like to showcase, a presentation counter could be helpful to you. Having your products (or even awards!) displayed professionally in the background of your video call is bound to make a good impression. What’s more, the counter graphic is easy to change if you have different products to promote.

As well as great backdrops for video, having a few on-brand desktop items won’t go unnoticed. A mug or drinks bottle with your corporate logo on and a branded notebook and pen will subtly remind your clients about your brand and build upon your brand image. You may even want to think about branded clothing for you and your team. Another way to promote your brand on screen and create a polished appearance. Branded uniforms can also help to unite your team – especially when on a team video call!

Marrow Inner ColourCoat Mug      A6 Mole Notebook    Pique Polo

If you would like any advice or help with your backdrops for video calls or recordings, please get in touch. You can reach us on 0114 275 4150 or email us.