We are very pleased to be back in the Steel City offices after many months of working from home. A lot of planning and consideration went into making the office Covid safe and ensuring our team are comfortable with the set up. As well as meeting risk assessments and having social distancing and hygiene measures in place, we felt it was important to make our team feel at ease at being back in the office with a selection of back to work branded business gifts. So, we thought we would share what we did as it may help you plan your return if you haven’t already! Here is what we did:

Branded Face Masks

Even though everyone is at a safe distance in the office, we felt it was sensible and important that we gave the option for the team to wear face masks in the office. We wanted everyone to be at ease and not feel as if they were putting themselves at risk. We chose to brand these reusable fabric face masks.  With the news about disposable masks causing such a problem for the environment, we liked the fact they are UK made (just up the road in fact!) and they can be washed and reused.  We went for a wearable black mask with our icon subtly placed on the front bottom right corner. We couldn’t resist adding our signature orange to the back of the mask, with our logo and website printed on. If feeling brave, the mask can be reversed and worn orange side out too!

SC Branded Masks Steel City Branded Mask

Branded Hand Sanitisers & Antibacterial Wipes

We have placed hand sanitisers and antibacterial wipes at the entrance, in the kitchen and in the bathrooms. We have also designed and provided each of the team with their own branded Steel City 100ml hand sanitiser as part of their back to work branded business kit.

Steel City Hand Sanitiser Hand Sanitiser

Social Distancing Signage

Social distancing signage has been placed throughout the office as a reminder to us all to keep a safe distance. Posters to prompt the team about the importance of washing hands are next to sinks and hand sanitiser stations. Each person also has a desk divider. We chose transparent desk dividers as a discreet reminder of social distancing.

Social distancing signs Hygiene Posters


We have a digital thermometer to check our temperature every morning – 38 degrees or over and you are out!


Back To Work Branded Business Gifts

As well as branded hand sanitiser, antibacterial wipes and a branded face mask, each team member also received their own cooler bag to keep their lunch and milk for cuppas in! (Our fridge is out of bounds to minimise any chance of spreading germs). We also have personalised drinks bottles and hygiene hook keyrings – all extra safety measures to reduce unnecessary transmission of germs.

Back to Work Steel City Kit Sm

Before the team got to the office, James sent out a walkthrough video of the layout of the office and what to expect. He also changed our dress code from smart casual to relaxed – a nice touch to help with the transition from working from home (pyjamas on the bottom half anyone?!) to working in the office.

We hope we have helped with some ideas for making your office Covid safe as well as ways to help your staff settle in. If you would like to know more about what we did, or discuss your options, please get in touch!

Email us at [email protected] or call 0114 275 4150.