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Our logo-branded water bottles are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can carry lemonade or fresh water in summer and hot chocolate or warm tea in winter, making them a versatile promotional product.

Our range includes water bottles made from glass, plastic, and metal. A great eco-friendly option is the Bodhi Glass Bottle, which comes with an insulated sleeve.

All products are customisable with your company’s logo, simply browse the range below or contact us for a quote.

Why Choose Promotional Water Bottles?

Why should you buy printed bottles? In the world of promotional items and branded merchandise, water bottles are a must-have. Apart from standard drinkware, many businesses prefer to provide something valuable to their consumers and staff. Regardless of who receives them, sports bottles CAN and WILL meet our everyday demands.

We cannot disregard the fact that we require water on a regular basis. Whether you like drinking water or not, hydration is essential to our survival. However, it is always preferable to use branded sports bottles rather than reusing conventional bottles. It helps if they have a design, corporate logo, or even a hilarious message! You can customise them with material from your latest marketing campaign, and incorporate your branding in a unique way that shines.

1. Eco-Friendly Option - Avoid Single-Use Plastics with Reusable Glass or Metal Personalised Water Bottles

With the environmental movement growing by the day, all businesses must keep their “green” pledges. Even if you’re just formulating a strategy now, you’d better put it into action as soon as you can. You are actually helping the environment by investing in promotional sports bottles as a marketing tactic. As a result, all of our recyclable bottles are BPA-free and comply with EU Food and Safety Laws.

Your consumers will demonstrate their support by displaying the bottle and utilising it regularly. Why? You presented them with a gift that will:

  • Save them cash, regardless of how they normally spend it
  • Make their lives easier (water bottles are handy and adaptable)
  • Help them live a healthy life
  • Show them a way to become more environmentally friendly

As a result, as a company owner, you can truly change the world one water bottle at a time. And you, and only you, can pass on these advantages to your clients by giving them what they’re keen to have and need!

The fact that these promotional products come in various styles, colours, and finishes is a huge plus. You can design a one-of-a-kind bottle to fit your marketing objectives and budget. Cheap printed water bottles are available for fundraisers and huge sporting events. Aluminium and stainless steel-engraved drinking bottles are available for corporate promotions and special clients. You’re spoiled for choice. These are some of the most popular water bottles on the market:

  • Metal water bottles - Reusable water bottles, ideal for giveaways at sports events or for professionals on the go (including stainless steel and aluminium sports bottles).
  • Plastic water bottles - Water bottles made of plastic are suitable for use in gyms, sports clubs, schools, and universities.
  • Fruit infusers - Great for people who loathe carbonated drinks.
  • Protein shakers - Excellent for fuelling up after a draining workout at the gym.
  • Vacuum Insulated, Leakproof Flasks
  • Excellent for fuelling up after a draining workout at the gym.

2. Regular Use, Means Regular Exposure

The health and environmental benefits of using branded water bottles aside also come with advantages for your company. As you’ll spend money on them, you’ll want to be sure they’ll help you. Fortunately, personalised sports bottles are one of the most effective marketing gifts available. Giving bottles to people not only demonstrates you care about them but also creates a mobile advertising campaign that continues to provide.

3. Encourage Healthy Habits with Logo Printed Water Bottles

Drinking water has undeniable health benefits, and we all know we should drink more water day in and day out. Life gets in the way all too often, and we drink excessive amounts of coffee or tea with no nutritional value.

You can align your brand with these values, and help to remind them to drink water regularly throughout their day.

4. Positive Association

Finally, the most important advantage of using branded sports bottles is POSITIVE BRAND EXPOSURE. Not only will you be presenting yourself to a new universe of prospective clients, but you will also be doing so correctly.

Bottles are popular at corporate sports events, seminars, conferences, and outdoor gatherings. So, you’re guaranteed that your custom-branded bottles will be the talk of the town wherever they go.

5. Versatile Product

Firstly, most promotional events allow you to dish out sports bottles. If you truly want to make the most of them, however, you need to plan ahead and throw an event outdoors. Why? Because one item that people frequently forget to bring to these occasions is a WATER BOTTLE.

Picture how many individuals will be present at these events. Someone will glance at them every time they take a swig from the bottle and notice your logo. They’ll begin to wonder: “Do they have any more? Is it possible for me to get one? What exactly does this business do?” You can be sure they’ll also try to figure out where those free bottles came from.

The advertising effort will continue until customers receive their printed sports bottles. People will keep using it until the bottle is no longer in a good state, which might take months. As a result, you’re getting a lot more bang for your buck than you believe. Your investment will help you promote your company for years.

6. Corporate Water Bottle Printing Options

From screen printing to the latest high-quality print – we offer several printing possibilities on our sports bottles. This lets us print full-colour photographs to a level of quality that most printing companies can only dream of. We also provide precision laser engraving on our printed metal bottles and stainless-steel drinking bottles. This results in a genuinely professional-looking product, perfect for unique corporate gifts.

Our graphic designers are always available to provide experienced product guidance. They’ll make sure your logo and message are reproduced in the best possible way. Therefore, your brand will be reflected in the most incredible light imaginable.

Let Us Quote for Your Custom Water Bottles in Bulk

We offer hundreds of customised water bottles in a variety of colours and styles to select from, with prices to suit any budget. It’s no surprise that we’re the UK market leaders, given our wide range of products, quick turnaround times, and guaranteed competitive prices.


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Having worked within sales and customer service for over 20 years, David has a wealth of experience when it comes to advising and looking after clients in both a B2C and B2B setting. Fifteen of those years have been spent in the promotional product industry, and so David has vast knowledge base of which branded gifts will be suitable and help our clients brand stand out.

With a keen interest in technology and gadgets, David is passionate about keeping up with the latest promotional product trends. In his spare time, David likes to go fishing, gaming with his son and spending time with his family.

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