If you know us at Steel City, you will know we love our gadgets. We are officially promotional gadget geeks! So when the Axis, a fidget gadget/ ballpen/ torch/ stylus combo landed on our desk, we knew we had to get creative and share it with you…

Axis Spinner Ballpen

The way the Axis spins and the fact it doubles up as a pen, stylus and torch sparked our imagination – anyone remember the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ TV show? or tried ‘Spin to Win’ games at exhibitions?  We thought what about using it as a pointer for our very own game to send out to a selection of clients.

Spin To Win

Our ethos here at Steel City is to give a little back, get creative whilst having a bit of fun – so we wanted the wheel to reflect this: by creating a buzz in our clients office, get people interacting and having a laugh.

Batting ideas around the office, we decided that making a tea round, taking the bins out and treating colleagues to cake were just a few of the forfeits/prizes we would like to receive at Steel City…so they were incorporated into the wheel. Blank spaces were also included so that clients could add their own ideas personal to their office and team-mates.

As always, we love to hear from our clients and engage with them – so we encouraged sharing any photos of the wheels in action with the hashtag #SpinToWin.

With two print areas available on the Axis, we were able to combine an arrow shape as well as our logo – making sure the arrow was on the side with the torch (the spin is even better with the torch on!).

We wanted to keep the campaign simple, easy to post and economical. By using a glue dot we easily secured the Axis to a flyer with the wheel design on.

Axis Spinner Ballpen

The back of the flyer gave details about the Axis – price point, minimum order quantity, colours available as well as our contact details.

We have already received some great feedback and hope that we have inspired you to get creative with your marketing too. What would you write in those blank spaces?!

Tri Spinner Ballpen

Intrigued? How about the Tri Spinner Ballpen with three mini pens and a central disk for your brand to be printed onto? Or the three coloured branded highlighter pen H-spinner Highlighter?

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