News of Royal Mail shares plummeting by 13%¹ and operating profits falling much lower than expected² has been a hot topic in the business world this week.

Iconic red British mailbox in a city

With a fall in letter volumes (8% in the nine months to December 23) and new EU privacy laws under GDPR cutting down the amount of junk mail, the Royal Mail are seemingly struggling.¹

This could be a great opportunity for businesses to not only get behind and support the Royal Mail, but also stand out from the crowd by embracing direct mail.  With so many marketeers and businesses now focusing their efforts to digital marketing, there is now more than ever, space in the channel of direct mail to really engage and click with your clients.  You can be creative with your direct mail. It doesn’t need to be simply a printed flyer of new products, services or promotions; it could be a thank you for your feedback, a welcome gift, a game or even simply a ‘we are thinking of you’ message.

From our experience we know that by adding a branded gift to a direct mail campaign, you are much more likely to see a return on your investment.

See below a couple of our recent direct mail we sent out – what do you think? 

If you are looking for some inspiration for your next marketing campaign and are interested in embracing direct mail and branded merchandise, please get in touch with the team! t: 0114 275 4150 e: [email protected]