Colour Psychology Stats

Even though colour is emotional and affects all individuals differently, there has been various research into the general psychology behind colour associations and which colours specific industries tend to steer towards:

The Psychology of your brand colour…

Colours and the psychology behind them

* Above statistics and research provided by Senator Pens, Germany

Did you know?

  • Depending on the product, 90% of snap judgements made about products can be based on colour alone.
  • Brands and colour are inextricably linked – colour offers an instant way of conveying meaning and message without words.
  • The relationship between brands and colour hinges on the perceived appropriateness of the colour being used for the particular brand (i.e. does the colour “fit” what is being sold?).
  • Our brains prefer recognisable brands, which makes colour incredibly important when creating a brand identity.
  • For new brands it is key to choose brand colours that are different from competitors.
  • When choosing colour combinations, opposite colours attract! E.g. Blue & Orange, Yellow & Purple, Green & Red.

For the above references and if you would like to find out more about colour in branding, click here.

Colour really does matter when aiming to increase brand recognition…

When thinking about your next promotional product purchase, have you thought about the best way to convey your brand in terms of colour?

With technology advancements, many branded items are now available with a full colour digital print and with larger branding areas on the products.  This enables you to really promote your brand with an emphasis on colour and visual impact.  Just mention this is your intent to the team at Steel City and they will be able to guide you to the type of branded merchandise which will be suitable.

If you are interested in promotional pens for your next campaign, we would recommend considering HD digital printing or full 360 degree coverage.  Both techniques are the brand new to the market and exclusive to Senator pens.  High Definition digital print techniques create a high gloss, 3D raised embossed print. The 360 degree coverage is perfect for intricate logos and precise replication of photographic imagery.  Both techniques create photographic quality with unlimited colours – providing a massive impact and great colour definition.

High Definition and Xtreme Branded Pens

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