RFID stands for Radio Frequency IDentification, it refers to a small chip with an antenna in small electronic devices (like your credit card). The card must be scanned to retrieve the identifying information. 

Data fraud is a real concern these days, especially with the ease at which fraudsters can skim contactless credit cards.  In fact, all you need is a simple free app (which is completely legal!) to be able to harvest personal card information.¹

If you are thinking about your next promotional gift, why not consider an anti-skimming item? They are practical and useful promotional products which will show you care about your clients safety.

Here are a couple of anti-skimming promotional product ideas:

RFID PU Card Holder

  • Finished in black PU leather
  • 8 card compartments
  • RFID protection keeps card data secure

Bobby Urban Lite Anti-Theft Backpack

  • Steel reinforced combination lock
  • Hidden card pockets on the back and shoulder straps with RFID protection
  • Side water bottle pocket
  • Padded compartments for laptop or tablet

RFID Lycra Phone Card Holder

  • Strong 3M self-adhesive backing
  • Stick straight to the back of your phone or case
  • As Lycra can stretch this can also act as a pocket to store other items such as a charging cable or earphones
  • 96 standard colours available

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¹ Thisismoney.co.uk