Promotional activities are often listed on a companies or charities budget, but what exactly are they and how do they benefit your business? Promotional activities is in effect a very broad banner for a range of methods you can use to promote and raise awareness around your brand. From school sports teams to big corporate brands, there are a range of activities you can use to increase your visibility. Whether you need to raise money, enact a product launch or need to generate leads, promotional activities can help you do this. There are in effect, marketing strategies and therefore different ways to advertise your brand or message. Here are a few examples of how to creatively use some of the most common methods:

Purchasing Promotional Gifts

A popular promotional activity is to purchase and distribute promotional gifts. These can be used either as a free give away or as a way to raise money. They are cost effective and can be purchased for as little as 20p for a promotional pen. Promotional products can be branded as simply or as complex as your desire. They are a great way to spread the word by offering your audience something which is of utility to them.  In a recent study by the BPMA it was found that recipients hold onto a freebie for over a year and 79% of people asked said that it increased the chance they would use that brand in the future. They are also great if you want to generate income for a school or charity, print them with class pictures and charge parents a marked up fee for this memorabilia.

Arranging Special Events

Charity events are great for fundraisers and businesses alike. They allow you to raise funds for worthy causes and are tax free! Working in conjunction with a company, will provide promotional benefits for both parties too. The charity will have a larger budget to work with and the business will be able to raise their company profile in a positive way. Promotional activities to try could include a charity fun run, a corporate golf day or a cake bake.

Generating Media Interest

Your promotional activities should also include marketing your message to bodies which are better equipped to spread it for you. Contacting local media and newspapers about your brand will help raise your visibility to potential clients. Think about what is newsworthy about your brand or cause and submit a press release to the relevant department. Are you hosting an event, running a special offer or working on a community related project? Most local papers run free or cost effective advertising schemes for you to participate in too.

Employing Social Media Strategies

Social media is one of the newest types of promotional activities you can employ, but it is also one of the most effective. Developing a presence on social media platforms, opens your brand up to a whole new audience. Think about which platforms are most relevant to what you want to promote and think about the type of content users will want to engage with. One example of a promotional activity online is a hashtag campaign on Twitter. A hashtag is a searchable keyword or series of words which users can track to see what others are saying. You could use it to run a competition, getting people to tweet about your brand in exchange for a prize.