Trying to think of a new, novel idea for a marketing campaign can be hard at times. Whether you plan your campaigns months in advance or prefer to roll with more spontaneous ones, it is a great feeling to have an idea that will really engage with your client base.

We launched our own campaign -the #CoffeeCupPledge  last year in response to the millions of paper cups being thrown into landfill. We wanted to promote reusable branded travel mugs and how they would be helping to solve this issue. Sustainability, reducing waste and living with eco-friendly products is still very much in the media and issues many of us are conscious of.

So, we have another idea for you…as mentioned in our previous blog, we really like the thought of encouraging people to have a reusable branded lunchbox! 

Rather than getting take away or lunch in disposable plastic containers, a reusable lunchbox would prevent this unnecessary waste.  Plus, if you brand the lunchbox with your logo, brand or campaign message, you are not only showing your clients you are eco-conscious but the gift will remind them of you daily!

There are many different options to choose from – see below a selection of lunchboxes and branded cooler bags:

Could a branded lunchbox be centre stage for your next marketing campaign?! Get in touch with us for any branded merchandise ideas, visuals and prices! Call the team on 0114 2754150 or email us.