Social media has become a tool that marketing campaigns can no longer ignore. Utilising it effectively however, is requiring businesses to become increasingly inventive if they wish to impress their target audience. Moreover, you can use some social media scheduling tools to plan social media calendar effectively. Combining other more traditional methods with your strategy, affords you many new ways to stand out from your competitors. The buzzword has been and remains that of ‘engagement’. How do you get the massive potential audience at your disposal to start interacting with you? One rising trend is that of promotional give-aways and competitions. Everyone loves to be a winner, and this fact remains when looking at platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

The hashtag is a tool which originated on Twitter, but has steadily made it’s way onto the likes of Instagram, Google+ and even Facebook. Users can track words or phrases preceded by the # button to find out what is currently being said on that topic. The hashtags #Win and #Competition are amongst the most searched for, with users looking to try their luck at securing a freebie. Businesses looking for potential , can easily utilise this to bring new traffic to their brand. Most crucially, they can utilise it without breaking their budget.

One of the most effective give-aways you can run is to use some form of edible item or promotional sweets. It is appealing to a wide audience and is kind to even the smallest of budgets. Even the big brands are doing it: during Christmas 2012 Tesco ran a campaign using the #PullACracker where Twitter followers were given the opportunity to receive a free chocolate bar. Their followers steadily increased, as did the amount of positive feedback towards the brand.

Give-aways can be used to increase your brand exposure and in turn your on-line community. Encourage users to share your brand and competition on-line. For example, get users to retweet your hashtag on Twitter or share your page on Facebook to be entered into a draw giving them a chance to get their hands on these promotional sweets.

Sweetprints Logo MintsAt Steel City Marketing, we are always looking to create new products to drive on the success of our clients campaigns. Our Sweetprints logo mints are one such product that could be perfect for an on-line give-away. These promotional sweets come in a handy tin which is lightweight and therefore cheap to mail out. Each tin can also be printed with your company logo ensuring that your brand stays in the recipients mind. In addition to this, each individual mint can be printed with your logo, giving you ample opportunity to be creative. The visual potential this product has is also fantastic for platforms like Instagram. Get winners to tweet or share photos of their prize to keep a rapport going.

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