When it comes to brightening up the desktop these days, few products are able to achieve the desired results like USB people flashdrives can. These are by far the cleverest addition to an ever increasing promotional product category, allowing you to create a unique USB People character to promote your brand, company, team or whichever event you are participating in. The options are endless when you look further into the USB people range. These flashdrives are in the style of Play Mobil characters, USB people have moving arms and legs, and are something completely new and different . A promotional product with the true bespoke possibilities could mean that a product like the USB people would usually mean high minimum order quantities. This is not the case. There are several designs that are available from 50 units. These mostly cover careers such as a doctor, nurse, businessman, and dentist to name a few. These all have areas to add a company branding and prices are inclusive of up to 3 spot colours to 1 position. Should you be looking a creating something completely unique, then this is again possible, and with minimum quantities from 250, this is again not restrictive to most promotional flashdrive purchases. The USB People flashdrives don’t cover all memory capacities, but there is a good choice from 512MB going up to a fantastic 8GB. Currently, most memory chip producers are looking to faze out 128MB and 256MB chips and are therefore pricing these close to 512MB anyway, so USB people have positioned their range of capacities perfectly for the promotional market. Should you be considering a purchase of promotional flashdrives, and cant quite decide on whether to look at USB people, there is a free of charge visual service that can either show your branding on a standard character or help finalise the design of your bespoke USB people option. Call a member of the sales team now, and use USB People for the desktop fun factor.]]>