business gifts is something that should help. A company doing something different sets itself apart from the competition in whichever core business it participates. Making sure your marketing is tackled in a similar way and will make sure your clients know about you, remember you or if they are hearing about you for the first time, you will have made the right impression. It is a very good idea to have a standard set of promotional merchandise, items that can be relied upon and are trusted to market your brand effectively. It is also a great idea to spend some time talking to the sales team at a promotional gifts supplier to see if there is anything new of different. This could very well be the product choice that sets you apart from any other company in your field. There is a constant stream of new product ideas coming into the promotional and business gifts market and keeping on top of everything is very difficult. At Steel City Marketing we hope we pick up on the stand out products, the ones we feel cross over all industries and that can have a real impact when looking at you next campaign.  Some of the more recent additions : Digital Photo Frame Keyring : Which has a 1.5” display and can save up to 140 images which can then be show as your favorite or as a slideshow Mug and Spoon : For the hot chocolate addicts, this is a fantastic combination item which also has versions with contrasting colours. Placing your website address on the spoon handle is a subtle but effective branding position. Biodegradable Sports Bottle : Available in two sizes and made from recycled materials, this is a great product idea that will get people reusing a drinks item and becoming more conscious of the waste they usually produce with items of this type. Something unique can be a tough task with promotional gifts, but talking to the right distributor can ensure you have the best option on sourcing new ideas. Steel City Marketing have a great sales team and can be contacted on 0114 2754150 for anything standard or that something different.]]>