Many individuals and companies already using Twitter can freely talk about how easy, quick and simple it is to get started on Twitter. Then the work really starts! It is, however a fantastic source of information, a great way to make new contacts and a playing field leveller for businesses of all sizes to compete, show their knowledge and look to gain new leads and business.

What I have picked up is that although this is a great tool to meet new people, companies may find it difficult to connect with their current client base without spending a huge amount of time searching. Even then, is the client actually using Twitter yet? Is the person you deal with different from the person that updates the company status? 

There are ways to try to convert and connect with a client base via Twitter :

People talk about their tweeting and mention it to business contacts.

*  Companies place a link on the site’s homepage to their profile pages.

*  Individuals place “follow us @YourID” on email signatures.

*  There are ways to search for contacts or business names within Twitter.

*  Links can be placed on other social media profile pages to maximize exposure.

 Many tools are available to help people find companies to connect with.

So what else could a company do to increase the chances of being followed when a client first decides to set up a Twitter account? What will make “your” ID spring to mind shortly after following @stephenfry! A client needs a reminder, something that is close to hand which will encourage them to check the profile page out.

For a relatively low spend level, this could easily be done. Why shouldn’t a company consider using a small amount of marketing spend to have a promotional pen, mousemat, coaster, sticky note pad branded with the Twitter ID. This will almost certainly gain new high value followers, and they will be people where this is already a business relationship, allowing them to connect in a totally different and more dynamic way. They will have another view of the individual, the team, the company and its expertise. This will reinforce the business relationship, something we know social media can achieve.

Brand the promotional item in this instance with a Twitter logo / reference followed by “follow us @YourID” – complicating it with additional logos or information will lose the focus of this mini campaign.

There are always promotions to be taken advantage of. Less than £200 (excluding VAT) would gain a company 500 printed pens. These could be handed out at an event, mailed out with literature, statements, orders or used as a specific campaign. This low spend compared to the increased chance of connecting with a client as soon as they are ready to step into the world of Twitter is an opportunity not to be overlooked. The company that is the first in their industry to do this could gain the most.

To discuss any of the ideas above or if you would (or know someone you would) like to find out more about any other items that that could be used to raise a Twitter profile, contact James Biggin, who will be only too pleased to help. Don’t forget to connect with us @steelcitym.