Trolley Coin KeyringsTrolley coin keyrings are one of the best promotional items you can consider and are currently one of the most popular choice of keyrings. Nearly everyone at some point encounters a situation where a shopping trolley or airport luggage trolley requires a coin to operate. Swimming pool and gym lockers often require a coin as well. Trolley coin keyrings have been around for a number of years to provide a solution to this.

Promotional trolley coin keyrings came about shortly after the introduction of these coin-operated trolleys. This will almost certainly have resulted from the sheer volume of supermarket trolleys that were stolen or vandalized or with shoppers simply not returning their trolleys to the correct bay after loading their car. Given that a supermarket trolley can cost around £50, introducing a “deposit system” to use them does seem sensible.

Adding fuel to the flames, we are happy to promote trolley coin keyrings given that the Daily Telegraph reported in 2009 that around 3000 shopping trolleys were dumped in British Waterways each year, costing the tax payer around £150,000 per year! Make those trolleys coin-operated in our opinion!

The gap in the market that saw the introduction of trolley coin keyrings was quite simply the fact that shoppers wanted an option in case they didn’t have the correct change or any change at all. To have the back up of a trolley coin keyring became a craze that continues to spread for many business-to-consumer and business promotional campaigns. Charities often use trolley coin keyrings besides point of sale to raise money.

Tolley coin keyrings are produced out of alloy material to the same size as the UK £1 coin. The usual way to brand this promotional keyring is to have your design die stamped and enamel colour infilled. More recently trolley coins can be produced in the same alloy material but printed up to full colour process and resin domed finish. Of course both sides of the keyring can be branded!

The most economical quantities to buy trolley coin keyrings in starts from around 300 units. This is usually a Far East produced product so the lead times can be around three to four weeks. Economies of scale dictate the price for these keyrings falls as volume increases.

Trolley coin keyrings are a perfect event giveaway item, can be used as a direct mail item or as previously highlighted as a charity fund raising product. It really depends on your target audience and what you are looking to promote.

There are variations on the traditional trolley coin keyrings with house shaped or wishbone shaped keyrings that all contain a removable “coin”. We now also see plastic options, which provide additional colour and shape and additional choice for the consumer.

Trolley coins keyrings are a serious contender for most popular promotional item at present and is well received for whatever marketing campaign you are undertaking.