One of the most popular promotional giveaway items of the moment is the trolley coin keyring. It is amazing how often the simplest ideas are the ones that demonstrate the best results and this particular idea from the promotional keyrings section is no exception.  With most supermarkets, airports and shopping centre trolleys now requiring the use of a £1 coin to operate, these can often cause a slight problem if you are lacking in change or if you simply don’t have a £1 coin to hand. The trolley coin keyring solves this problem. We are also becoming a nation that takes fitness and leisure time very seriously, and member’s gyms, leisure centers or outdoor pursuits centers often have lockers requiring a £1 coin to use the storage facility. The problem with lockers is that it can be easy in the rush or the packing up of kit to forget the coin, a frustrating end to a workout.  Again this is not a problem when you have a trolley coin keyring Not only does the trolley coin keyring solve the almost everyday problems of these types, but it is also a neat and attractive keyring, not cumbersome or weighty. Using a trolley coin keyring on your set of keys will guarantee that you can always operate a trolley or locker without the need to go in search of some change. Branding on the trolley coin keyring is much the same as many metal keyrings or pin badges. These are die stamped and then soft enamel infilled up to 4 spot colours. Detail can range from your logo to a message, website to a telephone number. Should you wish to pay a slightly higher price, then you can brand to the second side of your trolley coin keyring, allowing to you maximise your information. Your trolley coin keyring will be individually poly bagged which protects the item whilst in transit as well as providing an easy way to give a product of this type out without it becoming dusty, taking finger marks or scratching against other metal objects. There are many occasions where the trolley coin keyring could be considered as a promotional giveaway item. There are perfect for direct mail campaigns as they are small, neat and reasonably lightweight. They are arguably even better when handed out as an exhibition or event giveaway item – especially campaign road shows, where there is an important message to get across.  The trolley coin keyring could equally be perceived as a nice business gift. Although low value it still has a good usability factor by the recipient. The marketing bases are all covered by the trolley coin keyring. Should you have decided upon the trolley coin keyring, contact the sales team now to discuss prices, samples and lead times. If you are still struggling for ideas, you could not go too wrong in having a trolley coin keyring branded with your details for your next campaign.]]>