Case Study:

CLIENT?: Retsch UK is part of the Verder Scientific Group and is based in Hope, Derbyshire.

TARGET MARKET?: Research institutions, analytical laboratories and manufacturing companies.

BACKGROUND: Retsch UK and sister company Carbolite Gero Ltd have previously worked closely with us to create branded mouse mats.  Aimed at students in colleges and universities, the artwork used incorporated the periodic table, printed in their corporate colours, along with their logo and calls to action.  Being an extremely useful item for their target market, their branded mouse mats have proven very popular and have shown a good return on investment.

REASON FOR BRANDED ITEM?: To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the periodic table (as originally developed by Dmitri Mendeleev in March 1869 for a presentation to the Russian Chemical Society) the team at Retsch UK felt that while students may find the mouse mats excellent as an aide memoir, a metal water bottle would be more appropriate for lab technicians and academics and would provide them with a portable vessel for drinking water to keep them properly hydrated in their working environments that are frequently air conditioned and dehydrating.

Retsch Branded Bottle

The new metal drinking bottles by Retsch UK to keep lab technicians and academics hydrated whilst avoiding liquid spillages.

SOLUTION?: With an initial starting point, Retsch approached Steel City to develop the idea into achievable branded product solutions.  We talked through their requirements, (a metal, portable bottle which could clearly display a periodic table) their budget and timescale.  With a firm grasp on the company branding and marketing message, we were able to use our product knowledge and expertise to provide a number of tailored solutions.

As with every enquiry, as well as putting specific product ideas forward, we check if the client has already seen an item they like the look of. In this case, we were able to pinpoint and source the exact bottle the Retsch marketing team had in mind.

The deluxe Stainless Steel bottle chosen was sourced for having a large wrap around panoramic print area, achievable in a full colour print to really showcase and highlight the periodic table. The delivery timescale was also exceptionally quick and the order process ran smoothly from start to finish.

OUTCOME? “Initial reaction on customer visits has been amazing and return visits have shown that the bottles have quickly been adopted by many of those who received them as an excellent way of maintaining hydration levels and avoiding liquid spillages in equipment laden laboratories.” Marketing Coordinator Robert Prior at Retsch UK comments. He adds, “The design is a useful bonus as they have the periodic table clearly in front of them at all times and of course our logo and web address is always there as a reminder and in case the customer should need further milling or sieving solutions in their workplace.”

Robert continues “I have been fortunate that Debbie from Steel City has helped me to source numerous branded promotional products…They are always good value for money and have been well received.”

Carbollite Gero are hosting an Open House Event in Hope on the 10th April 2019 where the water bottles will be one of several items they will give to attendees. 

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