We have always been advocates of the branded stress ball, Rubik cube or desk toy at Steel City. Be it to relieve the stresses, boredom or nervous energy an office can often evoke, these promotional products are often appreciated by your clients and your brand will be remembered fondly.

You have probably seen plastered all over social media the recent craze for fidget toys – which are now a more sophisticated, higher quality and even collectable must have office item…

Fidget Cube

Steel City’s Review

Sam’s feedback on the Fidget Spinner: 

“After playing with the fidget gadget for the day, I found it helped to keep my concentration for longer on my work. I can see how it could be really helpful for those who are affected by ADHD. I also liked the soothing effect of flicking the spinner back and forth – a similar feeling to using a worry stone.

The spinners come in a range of colours and styles and can be branded in the central section. There is a real trend for these at the moment and kids and adults will no doubt be showing them off. Anything designed to help with mental health disorders is a step in the right direction in my book – the more products like this the better.’



Claire’s thoughts on the Fidget Cube:

“I love this branded toy. I often find myself clicking a pen lid whilst on the phone or at my computer. With the fidget cube I can keep my hands busy and channel my energy in a more productive way! The fidget cube is really versatile with six different actions to keep you entertained. I think these will be a real success in any office or even educational environment and will be a much used branded gift.”

Fidget CubeWhy invest in a Fidget Gadget?

  • Relieve stress and keep the mind and body relaxed – no more nail biting!
  • Promote focus and concentration – rather than reaching for your mobile phone
  • Increase tactile awareness
  • Good conversation starter – you will find colleagues will flock to you to find out what your gadget is
  • Fidget gadgets provoke a curiosity – how are they made and how do they work?
  • Fidget gadgets are great for children and are now being used in schools and are particularly helpful for children with autism or ADHD

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If you are interested in a branded fidget gadget, please contact the Steel City team either by email or call us on 0114 275 4150.