lanyards and a few choices of materials. Sizes usually range from 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm with the smaller end of usually catered for by the tubular polyester material whilst the larger width items are produced in flat polyester. Lanyards can be dyed to match pantone colours and this can give a great corporate feel when branded up. The “green” side cannot be ignored as now there is now an Eco Lanyard which is made using natural plant fibres, a really great talking point about the product. The flexibility of the promotional lanyard does not stop with the materials, colours and widths. There is a wide range of fittings that can be used from dog clips, to mobile phone loops, trigger clips to retractable reels. This enables the lanyard to have a continued life span long after the exhibition. Lanyards are not a promotional product limited to exhibition wear. These are often used in the workplace for ID badges, entry card systems or to hold other items such as mobile phones, pens or USB flashdrives. It is a truly versatile product. Safety breaks should not be forgotten, especially as lanyards are used in close proximity to machinery. Should you be planning an exhibition or event requiring a promotional lanyard or are looking at workplace ID or entry cards, contact Steel City Marketing. An experienced member of the sales team is contactable on 0114 275 4150 to respond to any promotional or business gift requirement you may have.]]>