Every day we are stimulated by our core 5 senses. Our ability to see, hear, touch, smell and taste is not just there to keep us safe, but can make us feel happier too. A study by the University of Warwick proved that happiness makes people more productive at work; 12% more productive in fact.

So we’ve put together a selection of products that may stimulate the senses, helping to put a smile on somebody’s face, make them feel more relaxed and energised.

From a recent BPMA survey, 79% of people feel appreciated when they receive a promotional gift. So get inspired, and get giving and you may have much happier and receptive clients.


It is well know that certain smells can have an impact on our mood. You might have guessed that peppermint awakens the mind and heightens our senses. It’s actually one of the best energy boosting fragrances. But did you know that the smell of rosemary can assist with memory?* It makes for interesting research.

So if you had to choose your favourite fragrance or select one for your clients, what would it be?

Car fresheners are available that cover a range of fragrances. These vary from the refreshing, energising to invigorating and can be cut to match your logo or promotional need. Find the right fragrance for your clients and it will leave a lasting impression.


With great imagination and amazing imagery, “seeing” is believing. Virtual reality is another way to stimulate the senses and take your brand to new levels of customer interaction and brand awareness. Champagne houses take their customers on a virtual journey from grape to glass ‘ as they ‘cycle’ through vineyards. Charities have used the technology to help dementia patients, taking them down memory lane. Tourist companies ‘virtually fly’ customers to real destinations without leaving their seat. If you have the budget to create such amazing experiences,we can help you source the virtual reality headsets.


Some objects can provide a calming touch. Whether you are a doodler or just a fidget, the need for some distraction is actually quite healthy and can help focus and calm the mind. We like to think of ourselves as fidget gadget ambassadors, taking pride to test all the samples that come into the office. We love this Tri-spinner ballpenas it can help whatever mood you are in; whether it’s a doodle day, feeling fidgety or you just need to have 3 different coloured pens to hand if you are feeling indecisive. Stresses solved.



To some people, our sense of taste is all about survival. So to ‘survive’ situations like trying to keep awake during presentations in those warm, dark conference rooms or training days, little bags of branded mints or sweets can tickle taste buds and provide that much needed burst of energy. Sweets such as the pillow pouches are great giveaways given their low cost price and great branding opportunities. And customers will thank you – no more nodding dog!


Getting transported through time when you “remember when” you heard “that song” and you recall the lyrics, the time, the place….it really makes you really appreciate the power of our sense of hearing (and memory).  With the help of a wireless speaker, you can make new memories or relive those amazing experiences listening to your favourite tunes, alone or with friends and family.  

So why not go and make a brew; enjoy the smell of a fresh cuppa. Snack on some sweets to focus the mind. Listen to some of your favourite tunes, pick up a pen and doodle down some ideas for your next marketing campaign.

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source  BBC *: Social Issues Research Centre **