“Research tells us that long hours and thinking about our work too much is not only bad for our health, it impairs our performance at work.”¹

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In this busy and stressful world it is becoming more and more tricky to switch off completely, especially with access to emails and work apps on our smartphones.  Restaurant chain Frankie and Benny commissioned research that revealed about 10% of children have tried to hide a parents handset to get attention² and so are trailing offering a free children’s meal in exchange for families handing over their devices during their meal.

Here at Steel City we believe a healthy work and home life balance is really important – it helps us recharge, makes us healthier and ultimately more effective in our work life.  We encourage everyone to ‘switch-off’ and enjoy our rest time when it comes to the end of the working day. So with this ethos in mind, we thought we would join in with the #SwitchOffThursday³ campaign today by going for a walk and a coffee as a team.


Leigh, Jenni and Debbie enjoying their switch off time in the Winter Gardens, Sheffield.

WHAT is Switch-off Thursday?

A campaign to raise awareness of switching-off from work on a regular basis in a busy and stressful world. As a nation we are spending more time working and thinking about our work than ever before! When we make a conscious effort to take a break from our work, we can recharge and enjoy our rest time.

WHEN is Switch-Off Thursday?

24th January 2019 – do something to help switch off from work. This can be an activity for any amount of time at lunchtime, in the afternoon or in the evening.

WHY 24th January?

Hot off the heels of Blue Monday which is widely publicised as ‘the most depressing day of the year’. Switch-Off-Thursday presents a timely opportunity to re-energise and recharge.

HOW can EMPLOYERS get involved?

The campaign is celebrating employers who support their people to switch-off from work and devices. Why not:

  • Take a 60 minute lunch break away from the desk and disconnect from work and devices. You could organise an activity such as a ‘barista coffee making’ or a communal lunch.
  • Get outdoors for a walk. Walking outdoors has been shown to enhance creativity and promote positive mental health.
  • Committing to a completely ‘work free’ evening by disconnecting from work tasks and technology. Arrange an evening with friends or family

Why not join in? Share your plans and how it went on social media #SwitchOffThursday

Read more about the campaign, get a toolkit and ideas here.

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