Each month one of the team will be bringing you their top three products for that month. For March it’s Steven’s turn…


Steven’s Promotional Marketing Tip:

“There are some products, like clothing, which can remain with your customer or prospect for years, even if they are only worn once a week or month. On the other hand, something that can claim a spot on a desk can serve as a fitting reminder of your product or service.  You just need to ask yourself how persistent do you want your message to be?  Either way, you want to keep your company or product front of mind so that you are more likely to get the call or sale when the time is right.”

Steven’s Top 3 Product Picks for March…


Mybunjee Classic

Most of us have our phones with us almost every minute of the day. If you’ve dropped your phone and cracked the screen, lost your phone, or even had your phone stolen, you’ll know how much it can disrupt your daily routine.

This product is designed to prevent your phone from being dropped or stolen by attaching the phone directly to you bag or clothing.

Stats show that 1 mobile is stolen every 12 seconds.

This clever little product is made of silicone so it can stretch to fit any phone, it comes with a coiled bunjee cord that can reach up to 60cm before springing back up to safety.

This product can be branded with your logo, it’s perfect for festivals, concerts and even active sports like skiing.



Stojo Collapsible Cup

With the rise in awareness of non-recyclable coffee cups, this little gem can make sure you are looking after the environment as well your pocket.

This collapsible cup is perfect for the on the go lifestyle, whether you prefer hot or cold drinks.

Great for branding too.



Smart Cube

This multifunction desk set is an awesome promotional gadget.

It starts off as, what looks like a box, take the lid off and it unfolds into a desk organiser!!

There are a couple of different options, my favourite is the Smart Calendar. Comprising of a pen holder, calendar, business card storage, accessories box, and paper note sheets.

The Smart cube is 100% brandable with your company details.

 If you want any more information on these or similar promotional products and would like us to create some visuals using your brand logo, please get in touch and we will be very happy to help! t: 0114 275 4150 e: [email protected]