What do you get for the man who has everything? Recently taking the number one spot in a poll of the highest earners from a reality TV show, Simon Cowell’s name is never far from the headlines. Synonymous for his high waists and even higher expectations from wannabe pop stars, he is a tough cookie to please. Well here at Steel City Marketing we like a challenge and have put our thinking caps on about what we think might impress this impresario. Never seen far from the judging panel, he is always the first person to let contestants hear his sharp tongue. His one line put downs have become a must watch part of every show. Who didn’t notice the ratings of X Factor plummet with his notable absence? So what promotional product would make this man start licking his lips? What would have him reaching from his BGT booster seat?! Our Stadium Cups are the perfect reusable vessel for any of his thirst quenching beverages. What brand wouldn’t to get that up close and personal with the one and only Mr Cowell? What else makes Simon Cowell tick? He is often described as the ultimate ladies man with a penchant for the finer things in life, so how about our Bling USB? Now I am sure you are wondering what relevance this promotional product could possibly have for the aforementioned qualities. Well, it is easily attachable to any wallet, it screams quality and it can be loaded with protected data A.K.A. the details of his many admirers. This would be one little black book everyone would want to get their hands on! Coming up in a close third place is the perfect present for any jet setter. Steel City Marketing is on hand to keep even the most travel sick of individuals looking dapper as they strut through the airport into the gleaming eyes of the paparazzi. So how would we keep Simon Cowell looking coiffed after a ten hour flight? How would his famous quiff stay tamed in turbulence? Well it does not matter whether it au natural or not, our Airline Toiletry Bag is the ideal way to get all his expensive lotions and potions into the cabin. The travel sized bottles come complete with a clear plastic bag, so there will be no security worries as he checks into the VIP lounge; the only thing he might have to remove is his tightly fastened waist belt! So Mr Cowell, if you are wondering how you ever lived without us (most people do) then we are ready and waiting for you to add our number to your little black book…]]>