We were pleasantly surprised when we found out that our client Reach Interactive were still actively using a direct mail we sent out last summer!

The Axis is a promotional pen with a difference – it spins – you can fidget with it and it has a stylus and torch! It sparked our imagination and we put together the #SpinToWin direct mail – a bit like a wheel of fortune. Those who received it could write in their own fortunes or forfeits. Simply spin the Axis pen (turn on the torch for dramatic effect) and when it stops the person who spins has to commit to their fortune or forfeit!

The idea was to encourage our clients’ teams to come together and have a bit of fun. Well we were not only surprised but secretly buzzing to find out that Reach have been using their #SpinToWin daily for over half a year to help with important decisions like who will be making the next tea round! Each of the team have their name on the spinner, so whatever they want a decision on, the spinner will decide!

Now would you put your faith in one of your colleagues to decide on a tattoo for you? Well Adam did at Reach with the help of the spinner (See Adam in the photo!). He seems pretty happy about it though right?!

So it just shows you the power of an imaginative, creative direct mail campaign – especially if it involves a product or a gift for your clients to make use of! Have you done any cool direct mail campaigns you want to shout about?! We would love to hear about them!

If you are feeling inspired by our marketing campaign and would like to put something together, please get in touch!