Steel City Marketing are pleased to introduce Smartphone Gloves, the latest innovation to hit the promotional merchandise industry. You, your staff and your clients can say goodbye to cold hands when out and about using your Smartphone to text, call, browse or tweet!

As you can see from our recent video on this product, normal acrylic gloves cannot be worn whilst trying to operate a Smartphone or Tablet. Smartphone Gloves have been specifically designed to keep the wearers hands warm but allow full use of touch screen devices.

Smartphone Gloves work by having a special mix of material woven into the tips of the thumb, index and middle fingers of both gloves. The main body of the glove is still acrylic, but the 3 tips on each glove are made from a mix of cotton, polyester and copper. As you will know copper has amazing conductive properties and touch screens work on electrical impulses from our fingertips. With the copper woven into the tips of the Smartphone Gloves, it allows those electrical impulses to be transmitted through the glove.

From stock, Smartphone Gloves come in just a couple of standard colours, black for the main body of the glove being the most popular. All these gloves come with the “grey fingertips”. The minimum order quantity for a stock colour is 160 pairs. Should you be considering this item, but want to match your corporate colours, bespoke designs are available from 2000 pairs minimum. All orders from 160 pairs upwards can be branded to each glove. Other branding options when considering the bespoke route are fabric colours, rubber palm grips, woven tabs to the cuffs and contrasting woven stripes.

Smartphones and tablets are hugely popular, and this popularity is only increasing. We are always looking at ways to make our use of these mobile devices easier. Smartphone Gloves now provide a solution to being able to do all these things with our “tech”, without having to remove (and possibly lose) gloves that are useless when using our devices.

If you would like to discuss visuals, prices or samples of these fantastic Smartphone Gloves, then please give a member of the sales team a call on 0114 2754150.