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It is always an incredibly long job in preparing the Annual Steel City Marketing Promotional Gift Directory. As a company producing our own in-house business gift brochure – one of the few in the industry – we are usually very proud of the result. We constantly try to be different with a great deal of emphasis on a striking front cover – usually showing a theme that we hope we will be remembered for. The nerves prior to the arrival of the truckload of pallets containing all the copies is immense and we are the most critical eyes to look over the finished result. This year is no different with “Incentive Island” where the full cover shows a “treasure island map” in the shape of SCM letters. Places on the “map” have promotional gift themes such as “great carrier reef” and “Porto de Pen” referring to promotional carrier bags and promotional pens respectively. It is therefore a satisfying time when people take their time to get in touch and comment favorably on the design, ease of use and choice of products. It makes the 5 solid months of sweat, blood and tears all worth it. Should you require a copy of the directly, please contact the office on 01142754150 or email [email protected]