I was talking to a client recently who buys on behalf of a school’s fund raising committee. She was purchasing branded merchandise that could be sold to parents to raise money each year. She mentioned that the school was trying to raise enough money this year to buy a school minibus, but that they were always on the look out for new fund raising ideas.

We chatted over the following (and the client thought it was such a good idea, she seemed certain that they would go ahead and move it into their school fund raising plans):

The suggestion was to purchase some branded moneyboxes. The ones shown are handy as they can be handed out flat packed and easily inserted into the childrens book bags. If the full colour branding is totally geared around the schools current fund raising plan, then this gives the instructions as to how the child and their family can help. Elements that should be included in the design are :

  • Academic year this relates to
  • Fund Raising Objectives
  • Total amount the school is aiming for.
  • Instructions to the child and their family.
Round Moneybox Pot

The instructions to the family are key to the exercise. They should request the family take the flat packed money box home, assemble it and then fill with any loose change as and when possible. The challenge should be that each child should return a full moneybox (no target value, just full), by a certain date. They could be handed a separate note that gives them other ideas as to how to fill the moneybox with loose change. For example :

  • Ask a parent to take the moneybox into work one day.
  • Take the moneybox to the next family get together and ask for any donations
  • The possibilities are endless.

If there is a deadline and all children participate in this fund raising idea, then there could be a great contribution to the school fund and one which the children have given their fullest possible contribution.

This idea doesn’t have to be a fund raising idea that is limited to schools. It could work in the workplaces, clubs and societies This is such a simple idea, but sometimes the simple ones work best!