The demand for information is growing day by day in our ‘connected world’ – and now we can access information not just at home or in the office but wherever we are. 

The only issue with this is that we need more power to run our multiple devices, and that is why a branded power bank is the ultimate gift for those who want to stay connected.

The next question is which promotional power bank to choose, with such a wide range of options? Although price plays an important part when deciding, making sure the product is reliable and safe is critical. Two power banks may look identical on the outside, but internally one could be of a much lower quality and therefore be at a higher risk of failing. Would you take the risk of having to recall your branded gifts?  Remember the EE Power Bar saga?!

So what makes a reliable branded power bank? Are you familiar with the consequences of, overcharge protection, over-discharge, short circuit protection, over current protection?

To make your choice easier, why not chat with one of the team to ensure you select a branded power bank that is as safe as possible? We can be reached on 0114 275 4150 or email.

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