recycled promotional items and the following are the main findings of our extensive interview: What about the fact that we’re contributing to an industry that produces tons of giveaway items that could be considered wasteful and /or unnecessary? With the best will in the world we’re not going to stop the industry but if we can replace at least some of those virgin giveaways with recycled promotional items that are eco-friendly alternatives we achieve 2 things. Firstly we stop more waste going to landfill and finite raw materials from being used up. Secondly we increase people’s awareness of what can be achieved using these materials and therefore encourage greater use of these promotional options. Most items it appears these days can have a little spin applied and seen as beneficial to the environment, where do you draw the line between what you will and will not include in your range? We’re not after a huge range just a well rounded selection, therefore the first criteria is simple, it must be a suitable business gift. An example would be solar powered calculators, these have been around for ages and most include a battery that’s charged by the solar element, in our opinion this isn’t unique enough or really beneficial enough on the environment to join the range, we’d opt for the water powered calculator using newer technology, a cell that’s powered by water alone. Mouse mats made from polypropylene don’t get in just because PP is better than PVC, recycled promotional mouse pads made from 100% recycled paper and board on the other hand do. Recyclable doesn’t cut it with us, most things are recyclable and the term is too spurious, they need to be made from something actually recycled. Are there 100% recycled promotional items? Where possible we do produce using 100% recycled material but there are parts of products we sell that aren’t, our pens for example use standard ink refills and mechanisms. If the product doesn’t work exactly as a traditional product the client won’t purchase again and recycled promotional items or eco-friendly products will get a poor reputation. Our note books have recycled or sustainable paper but use a traditional metal wire to hold them together. Do you use environmental inks? Again if the ink comes off a recycled promotional item it’s not performing the function it was designed for and won’t be bought again. If we need to use traditional print methods but have managed to replace a standard T shirt with an Organic T shirt I think we’re doing the right thing, that’s on the assumption of course we endeavor to continually improve our printing inks and printing methods. Thank you to Evan for this insight into a very exciting part of the promotional gifts industry. Steel City Marketing would be delighted to discuss any business gift ideas, not just recycled promotional items, so please call now on 0114 2754150.]]>