Realta ballpen) : Various sources of material that can be re-used, including car parts, CD cases, ABS plastic, vending cups, packaging. All of these can carry a very powerful message that there is a great deal of wastage, and also that products can be produced from these materials and then sold economically. Branding options are not limited in most of the eco promotional pens options and it should also be pointed out that there is a good colour choice in quite a few of the recycled plastic options which backs up the popularity. Pricing wise, there is very little difference in comparison to promotional pens made from virgin materials and this should also be taken into account when considering options for your marketing campaign, as there is usually a recycled or eco option to fit your budget constraints. Steel City Marketing have a great deal of knowledge and experience in all aspects of business and promotional gifts and each member of the sales team is contactable on 0114 2754150 and would be more than happy to discuss this or any other product area to ensure you have selected the right product for your requirements.]]>