recycled flash drive has given this continued growth area even more potential. With a large proportion of USB flash drive models being made from mainly plastic parts, it was only a matter of time before non-virgin materials would be used to produce this commodity range of promotional gifts. There are now several models of recycled flash drive. The popular twister can now be supplied with the casing made from recycled plastic. The “bean” type drive (which was possibly the first recycled flash drive) is available in several vibrant coloured recycled cases. It has a matt finish, tight fitting cap and the branding is achieved through the domed label, which allows up to full colour process printing. This is truly a flash drive that covers all bases and ticks all the boxes on most client requirements. Other Eco or recycled flash drive options that can also be considered are as follows: Card Flash Drive Believe it or not, there are now flash drives where the casing is made from card, a great natural product angle, and fantastic for a message that can show off about an Eco side. Bamboo Flash Drive A fast growing natural resource, bamboo is a great material to use to for this type of product and really stands out due to the great wood effect. It also grows locally to flash drive production, reducing the carbon footprint even further. Recycled Newspaper Flash Drive The entire casing being made from recycled newspaper is a selling point when considering other promotional items that are made in this way.  There are recycled newspaper pens and pencils; therefore a recycled flash drive of this type would be great complimentary product to consider. It should be mentioned, as with any product of this type, it is a step in the right direction. A recycled flash drive product is not 100% made from non virgin material. The memory chip, the pcb’s and the USB connectors have to be brand new to ensure the product works effectively and that is it saleable. But with the casing making up 50% of a flash drive, the move forward from 18 months ago has been immense. The consumer has even more choice and a recycled flash drive may have a slight myth associated with it by name, but part recycled is better that not recycled, depending on your ultimate requirements. Please call a member of the Steel City Marketing sales team on 0114 2754150 should you be looking for a recycled flash drive or any other business gift idea.]]>