Each month one of the team will be bringing you their top three products for that month. For July it’s Rachel’s turn…

Rachel Cain is Steel City’s bookkeeper/credit controller and has been part of the team for a little over two months now.  Behind Rachel’s cool, calm and collected exterior, she is a Game of Thrones super fan! She is also a cat lover, politics enthusiast and a veggie – and so has instantly become part of the Steel City family!

RachelRachel’s Q & A

What are your hobbies/interests?:
Yoga and eating cake. Gotta balance it out!

What do you like about working at Steel City?
I enjoy working here as everyone works as part of a team. Everyone works hard and we go the extra mile to please our customers!

Something no one knows about you or a guilty pleasure:
Not many people know that I’m related (somewhat tenuously!) to the famous Sheffield singer Richard Hawley!


Rachel’s Top 3 Product Picks for July…

1. Flow Bag – Gourmet Jelly Beans

I love jelly beans, they’re vegetarian (not many sweets are!) and with this product you can choose which colour sweets you want to suit your brand.  There is also a fully digital print label to showcase your company and marketing message.

The flow bag is small and light meaning you can pop it easily in the post in a DL envelope – it makes a nice low cost treat.  I like to use these when I send out copy Invoices as a little thank you for payment.


2.  Desktop Garden

With so many of us being desk bound, it is always nice to bring a little of the outdoors inside! The desktop garden is made from a recycled aluminium pod and comes with soil, seeds and growing instructions.  You can choose from sunflower seeds, mixed herbs or even a Christmas tree!

Why not challenge your clients or co-workers and see who is the most green fingered?! It also ties in well with the message of your brand or company growing or expanding.

desktop garden

3.  Neoprene Tablet Cover

So many of us have iPads or tablets and so a cover to protect them is very desirable. We can supply all sorts of different cases but I particularly like this Neoprene cover which is soft, padded and stocked in a number of colours (it can even be Pantone matched to your brand colours). It isn’t too costly either, making it a really useful branded item to promote your company.


tablet cover

If you want any more information on these or similar promotional products and would like us to create some visuals using your brand logo, please get in touch and we will be very happy to help! t: 0114 275 4150 e: [email protected]